KFC Festive Fries

KFC Festive Fries Review

Festive Fries:

What they say:

KFC’s delicious fries with a festive flavoured seasoning.

Price: £1.49/£2.39.

Calories: 255/355 kcal.

KFC have brought back their Festive Fries for 2019 and we decided it would be a good time to take them for a taste test drive.

OK, these first came out in 2017, so we’re a little late to the office Christmas party with this side-review.

I was passing a swanky new KFC and had a bit of spare time, so thought it would be a good opportunity to check out the restaurant… and fries.

KFC Festive Menu

I believe this is the first time Festive Fries are on the menu at the same time as the Festive Burger (first released in 2016 as the Colonel’s Christmas Burger, but deemed “new” by pockets of the press).

You can get them in a Regular or Large portion priced at £1.49 and £2.39 respectively and are also available with the Festive Burger Boxmeal, Festive Double Bucket and possibly the Festive Burger Meal. Possibly.


I confess I am a fan of the concept of seasoned fries.

Long-term BURGER LAD® readers may remember McDonald’s doing Smoky BBQ McShaker Fries for Great Tastes of America 2015, but they have never made a return.

Probably due to some people moaning about having to pay 20p or 40p extra for the seasoning sachet or having to season them themselves.

“Why don’t we get anything new or different?”


I like the look of the seasoning on the fries/chips – I can’t quite define if KFC are serving fries or chips these days.

I’m also not going to dabble in the debate regarding KFC fries in general.

Old fries, new fries – I find it is down to individual preference.

Some may prefer fries, some chips, others steakhouse chips, shoestring fries etc. Personally, I prefer a fry to a chip so it is all subjective.

These are enjoyable enough and I would say I like KFC’s Festive Fries and the fact they offer something different during this Festive period.

After recently mentioning the Herb & Garlic Seasoned Fries in our Chicken Deluxe review, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to sample Festive Fries.

I don’t know why a seasoned fry is associated with Christmas but now I want some. And KFC have come to the rescue…

Festive Fries

According to the 2017 press release blurb, Festive Fries are described as “golden fries [are] sprinkled with a smokey festive seasoning of pepper, toasted onions, garlic and herbs.”

Aesthetically, they look pretty decent but I was expecting a bit more variation in colour – there are a few flecks of green but it seems to be a uniform orange dusting over the not-so-new skin-on fries.

Strangely (and maybe just me) the flavour reminded me of BBQ Pringles.

KFC Festive Fries

I only stopped for a quick snack (a regular portion and a Mini Fillet Burger) but you would be advised to upscale to the large size – you don’t get an awful lot for £1.49.

And you will also find you lose a lot of the seasoning to the carton the Festive Fries come in.

KFC Festive Fries

Overall, I’m glad to have sampled them today and would have them again this Christmas and/or if/when they return in the future.

These seasoned fries plus the *cough* new Festive Burger makes for a fairly respectable offering for a fast food chain Festive Menu.

So, if you’re feeling in the spirit in the upcoming weeks and haven’t had the chance to try either before, pop to a KFC and see what you think.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

KFC Mini Fillet Burger

Burger Lad®

Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/snacks/festive-fries

Festive Fries









  • Respectable flavour
  • Bit different


  • Small portion
  • Lost seasoning