Burger King Farmhouse Angus

Burger King Farmhouse Angus

Burger King Farmhouse Angus Review

Price: £7.49.

Calories: 766 kcal.

Burger King have got a relatively new burger on their menu as part of the Gourmet Kings range called the Farmhouse Angus.

Now Deliveroo is delivering to BLHQ, the BK review floodgates are well and truly open!

Farmhouse Angus

It’s expensive! £7.49 for the burger only and when ordering via the above delivery platform this turns into £8.49 or £10.49 for the meal.

On the Deliveroo app it’s listed as 784 kcal but the official BK app matches their website so I’ll trust that.

Looking at the promotional imagery and reading the ingredients list, you have to commend Burger King on trying something “a bit different” with the Farmhouse Angus.

Aberdeen Angus Beef, Smoked Bacon, Oak Smoked Cheddar, Pink Pickled Onions, Toasted Onion Sauce and Rocket all held within a Brioche Style Bun – sounds a bit posh really.

Farmhouse Angus

The price… well the price is hefty and further cements BK’s niche as being slightly more expensive than a more budget burger chain, while sitting below the “gourmet” end of the market.

But how was it?

Let’s get one thing straight this is not a terrible burger – it’s not fantastic either.

What it is, IMO is interesting and worth a sample if only once. And if you look at the pictures, it is really loaded with toppings. Hence the premium price.

Gourmet Kings

Tonight, our food suffered from some minor delays – this was generally down to ordering on a Friday at the beginning of peak time.

I’ve had a BK delivered in approximately 14 minutes before, so pushing on 40 was late by Deliveroo’s standards. And what standards… I didn’t make any sort of complaint and received £5 credit off my next order. Can’t complain with that!

And… our local pizza place would normally take double the amount of time to deliver, so as you can imagine, we’ve not ordered since.

As part of a meal, the fries were the most disappointing I’ve had from BK since ordering Deliveroo which was shame and obviously down to the longer than usual delivery time.

Burger King

Back to the Farmhouse Angus.

Instead of waffling on (more), I’m going to just focus on each component of the build.

Aberdeen Angus Beef – I must admit that the beef patty felt a bit dry but you could attribute that to the delays this evening.

You obviously get that trademark (although slightly dampened), Flame-Grilled flavour and despite the dryness, I am willing to give the Steakhouse Angus a chance. Maybe with a fiver off…

Smoked Bacon – weirdly if I ate this without lifting the lid and doing the cross-section picture I wouldn’t have even told you there was bacon on it. Especially smoked bacon. Marginally disappointed with this element.

Oak Smoked Cheddar – certainly looked the part for a fast food high street chain and with the not so terrible wait time but again, like the bacon. Not really impacting the Farmhouse Angus with any smokiness.

Farmhouse Angus

It was all too sweet…

And that’s mainly from the Pink Pickled Onion which is really very good and I would say, if you want to try this and don’t baulk at the cost, is worth having alone just to see what they’re like.

Definitely one of the highlights on the Farmhouse Angus and a bold ingredient choice.

Toasted Onion Sauce – I swear this also contributed to the overall sweetness of this build. I didn’t find it offensive and actually thought it made a nice change to the standard sauces on burgers we see on the High Street.

Farmhouse Angus

Rocket/Brioche Bun – the Rocket was lacking any pepperiness which could have elevated this a bit more but on the same hand, wasn’t as overbearing as the lettuce McDonald’s have been using recently – see Spicy Spanish Stack.

The bun… “brioche style” – this contributed to the overall sweetness of the Farmhouse and personally, I prefer the good old fashioned sesame seeded bun you see on my old favourite, the XL Bacon Double Cheese.

Farmhouse Angus

Interesting seems to be a word I have recycled in this review and it keeps popping up in my head as I write this analysis.

An interesting concept which just falls short on execution.

I am certainly glad I tried the Farmhouse Angus but it’s 100% a one and done for me.

Although there are faint hints of that Flame-Grilled taste (slightly drowned out by sweetness), it just wasn’t enough compared to the classics.

Speaking of classics, I’ve also realised that I have never sampled a Double Whopper so this is being added to “the list” as we speak.

The list is growing as quickly as my waistline…

I would love to see the Gourmet Kings range continuing and dare I say it, a version of the incredibly popular Mushroom Double Swiss make a triumphant return…!?

I know one person who would be over the moon if this happened!!

As I have mentioned above, the Farmhouse Angus is an interesting and slightly daring promotional burger from Burger King but for now though, I will stick to my go-to of the XL Bacon Double Cheese.

Yes please.

Gourmet Kings

Burger Lad

Website: https://www.burgerking.co.uk/

Deliveroo Data
Day: Friday
Timeframe: 16:00 – 18:00
Delivery Time: 39 mins
Distance: 2.6 miles
Service Fee: £1.08
Delivery Fee: £0.00 with Deliveroo Plus
Look/Temperature: Average
Current Rating: 3.8 Good (500+)

Farmhouse Angus









  • Interesting concept
  • Pink pickled onion


  • Lacks smokiness
  • Execution just off