McDonald’s Mexican Fiesta

Review of McDonald’s Mexican Fiesta


What they say:

Feast your eyes and your taste buds on this mouth-watering Mexican-inspired marvel. A 100% beef patty with cheese slices, nachos, Batavia lettuce, guacamole and a salsa sauce. All in a lattice bun. Spectacular.

Price: £3.69 for the burger only.

Calories: 640 kcal.

Burger Lad® controversially reported back in June that the Great Tastes of the World would be coming soon and what the line-up could be but we will not talk about that anymore.

I recently saw on the McDonald’s UK Facebook page that the promotion would be returning for 2013 very soon and I knew it would be out on the Wednesday.

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta
Copyright McDonald’s 2013…

With a wry smile on my face I hit Junction 9 of the M5 at around 10:27 and was in the drive-thru for 10:30. I expected a bit of a wait but was served very quickly and off I drove to park up to film our latest episode of Burger Lad® TV which you can see below.

The Mexican Fiesta was served in a nice promotional box which was piping hot! I was already impressed. I took my first bite and got an instant crunch of the Nachos on board this fiesta of a feast.

Nachos on a burger are not a new thing as we experienced them on the Nacho Grande last year. They do give this a different dimension of flavour and texture and I must admit I am a fan.

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta
Great Tastes of the World promotional box…

The smell coming from this latest Macca’s offering was quite pleasant too. The first flavour that stood out was the Guacamole. This was a different taste to anything I had experienced previously from a High Street offering and I would even go to the lengths of saying it was fairly unique, or as the French would say “Uni-que”.

There was very little of the salsa sauce but I think this was what gave the burger a slight spice to it. Nothing near the Angry Whopper but just a slight tickle.

I also really liked the cheese on board this burger and the bun was an enjoyable experience too.

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta
Salsa, Nachos, Guacamole…

The patty was the standard sort used in the promotional burgers but it was seasoned well, very hot and I think I probably enjoyed this more than yesterdays’ ungracious greed.

The lettuce was good too, fresh, green and plenty of it. I would have liked some more salsa sauce but this did not detract from my enjoyment.

I really liked this burger, roll on week two for the Australian BBQ Supreme!

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta
The real McDonald’s Mexican Fiesta…

We decided to bring back Burger Lad® TV for this five week promotional run and you can see the latest episode below. The box was so hot it hurt my hand…and blimey the contents were grand!

The Guacamole, although not authentic was a nice change and elevates this above other promotional burgers with a new and different taste.

I drove away from the car park pretty satisfied and impressed with this week one offering in the Great Tastes of the World and my mind drifted to the next five weeks…

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta
Lifting the lid…

So the Great Tastes of the World is back for 2013 and here is the UK schedule:

Week 1 04SEP13 – 10SEP13 Mexican Fiesta

Week 2 11SEP13 – 17SEP13 Australian BBQ Supreme

Week 3 18SEP13 – 24SEP13 Spanish Grande

Week 4 25SEP13 – 01OCT13 South African Deluxe

Week 5 02OCT13 – 08OCT13 Bacon Swiss Melt

Personally, I cannot wait for each but we will be skipping week 3 as we have already reviewed that one.

Looks like September is going to be a busy month at Burger Lad® – we’ll be back next Wednesday!

Let’s take one last look at The Mexican Fiesta available for a limited time only at McDonald’s…

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World Mexican Fiesta
Gonna be a busy month…

Burger Lad®