Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger

Review of Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger with Fries and Grill Garnish


What they say:

To us the food is all about taste, quality and locally sourced wherever possible. Our Chefs create simple, freshly prepared, handmade dishes, presented imaginatively, where the ingredients can speak for

Price: £12.95.

Welcome to the latest Burger Lad® review where we bring you a look at the Welsh Black Beast Burger from the Cross Foxes Bar and Grill which can be found at the foot of Cadair Idris Mountain.

Now during this holiday I had promised not to go on about the website, I had promised not to go from town to town in search of burgers but by the last day my resolve had broken and here we are…

We had been staying in the amazing 20 foot Yurt courtesy of Eco Retreats and had dined at places such as Walkers in Tywyn and Seabreeze in Aberdovey which were both outstanding. We had breakfasts courtesy of The Rendezvous Café in Machynlleth and also sampled some amazing street food in addition to cooking on an open fire pit while sat in seclusion deep in the heart of the Welsh mountains.

I had even had a quick lamb and mint burger at the brilliant Machynlleth market from a man who was so kind he gave the Kondiment Kids free drinks and an extra hot dog. I had even passed the opportunity of a BBQ Pork Ribsteak Burger from The Fridge in Aberdovey but it was this day I was to finally get to the Cross Foxes to try their Welsh Black Beast Burger and I could not wait…

As you walk into the Cross Foxes there is a blackboard listing their local suppliers and framed newspaper clippings of this multiple award winning restaurant. It has a lovely interior with a mixture of wooden and stone flooring with beautiful wooden tables to give you a bit of a rustic and modern dining experience.

So let’s take a look at that burger.

Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger
Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger…

The burger arrived with a generous amount of homemade crispy fries which were nicely seasoned and were grand dipped in the spicy tomato relish which bordered on piquant to the taste buds. I was offered the choice of sauces as well and opted with the peppercorn sauce, what I did not realise was that this incurred an additional £2.95 but on this occasion I was not picking up the tab – sorry!

The sauce was creamy and peppery and I drenched the fries with it and scoffed them up as quickly as I could despite the late breakfast.

Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger
A big plate surrounded by big mountains…

On the side was a grilled tomato and mushroom with some homemade slaw allowing you to customise your burger as you saw fit. I left it how it arrived and took my first, expectant bite.

As you can see from the pictures this beast was loaded with two, crispy homemade onion rings, they were bordering on greasy but were a welcome addition to this premier patty. In my original notes I described it as a “beautiful, beefy bite” and you could really taste the freshness of the Welsh fields (saying used with permission) as you came back for more.

Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger
Crispy onion rings are included…

I added some of the relish to the burger to give it a new dimension but I was impressed with the quality of the beef and it had those lovely black grill marks across it. The bun was good too and coped easily with its beef and onion friends. The lettuce leaves even stood out sat on top of the lower toasted section of the bun. All round a good burger but on this occasion it was still not enough to topple the infamous Loxley’s burger as my all-time number one.

So after an amazing lunch we set off in search of grabber machines at the establishment known as Buccaneer’s. On this occasion the grabbers won, but we will be back! And that was the end of a fantastic week in the heart of the Welsh mountains.

If you want to find some truly amazing places to eat then head to Machynlleth and the surrounding areas – the quality of meat and seafood is not to be missed. When we were sat in Seabreeze a fisherman walked in and proudly showed me three of the catches of the day which he took straight through to the kitchen. Brilliant!

The Cross Foxes is one of the gems you will find in this area and you will not be disappointed. Let’s take one last look at their brilliant Welsh Black Beast Burger.

Cross Foxes Welsh Black Beast Burger
More reviews coming soon…

Now I know this review won’t be held in such high esteem as their other prestigious reviews and awards but we had a whole host of fun doing it!

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