McDonald’s – The Brazilian Stack

McDonald’s Brazilian Stack

What they say:

Two succulent beef patties topped with smoky bacon and a generous dash of chilli & lime sauce. Deliciously zesty.

Price: £4.49 for the burger only, £5.99/£6.39 Medium/Large Meal.

Calories: 679 kcal.

Great Tastes of the World continues at McDonald’s and available in week five and six is The Brazilian Stack.

On paper, this one appears (IMO) to be the most interesting of the line-up – my eyes pointing to that Creamy Bell Pepper, Chilli & Lime Sauce. ‘Deliciously zesty’ apparently… my next Twitter name perhaps?

McDonald's The Brazilian Spicy

On first glance, the presentation looks a bit sloppy again today (especially from various angles) which seems to be a characteristic of this particular McDonald’s (see note below).

What puzzles me about the haphazard construction, is that it is only 11am – it is relatively quiet inside and at the drive-thru. A million miles away from the hectic lunch slot.

McDonald's The Brazilian Spicy

Straight away I notice the bacon.

Correct. If I suspected the French Stack to have incorrect bacon this 100% confirmed it.

This looked the real deal despite protruding out the dark side of the bun. And the build. Ignoring semi-shabby presentation this was spot on.

Sauce on the heel, sauce on the crown, cheese placed on top of one patty and in between the two.

That is in itself impressive, as you don’t always get your burger exactly as it should be. Most customers probably don’t suffer with the daily affliction of worrying their “Macdonald’s” isn’t built to specification…

McDonald's The Brazilian Spicy

That sauce. Oh it’s good! Something a bit different from the Golden Arches – you can taste the lime and chilli. Deliciously zesty even…

In all seriousness, it’s quite spicy on its own. It is nowhere near the silly heat levels of the Buffalo Chicken Wrap (bring back the Peri One!) but it certainly has a respectable glow.

Chilli heads will find it a breeze – I found it to be quite refreshing with a pokey and satisfying kick.

McDonald's The Brazilian Spicy

When combined with the rest of the ingredients it slightly loses some of its piquancy. Still very good though and a welcome change (IMO) from the creamy affairs in weeks one through four.

There have been reports of the Swiss Stack being unavailable and The French Stack on in its place. That didn’t really matter to us as we reviewed it in 2016.

Back to The Brazilian I was having this morning…

The streaky bacon supplies a satisfying crunch as your teeth glide through the two beef patties and subtle but tasty pepper jack cheese. Every now and then just a hint of smokiness hits the palate.

You also get a crispy texture from the seasonal lettuce and your taste buds are rewarded at the end with the tang of the red onion.

It’s a good burger.

McDonald's The Brazilian Spicy

The bun contributes to the enjoyment levels too, with flecks of dried red and green pepper baked into the bread.

Another good bun choice in GTW 2018. No need for a wacky green bun to attract attention when you’re celebrating a 50th consecutive quarter of growth in the UK.

I’m pleased with how the promo has ended with the Brazilian Stack – worth a sample for that sauce alone. I can’t quite put my finger on what that sauce reminds me of but it is certainly creamy with a slight kick.

It also makes for an improved burger with the intended bacon instead of LBB. An obvious statement really.

At £4.49 for the burger only, it looks like we are only about two-three years away from these type of LTO burgers hitting the five quid mark.

The presentation today could have been affected by the crew member placing the burger sideways in a bag.

I had specified that I was eating in and when I remarked that, I heard her mutter to colleagues “what’s the difference?”

Well, clearly turning a burger from horizontal to vertical in its packaging will probably result in some burger slide – oh burger slide… those were the days.

Overall, The Brazilian Stack is a strong contender for “best of the promo” with its tasty bun, fresh crunchy salad items and a zesty, spicy sauce.

Agree? Disagree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

McDonald's The Brazilian Spicy

The Brazilian Stack is available at participating McDonald’s restaurants from 24th October – 6th November (subject to availability!!).

We’re celebrating six years of life in the fast food lane on Friday, so stay tuned to see how we will be commemorating this momentous occasion!

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The Brazilian Spicy









  • Lovely sauce
  • Good bun
  • Correct bacon/build


  • Presentation

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s – The Brazilian Stack

  • 01/11/2018 at 1:50 pm

    is it me – or does it taste (on the first bite or two) like it’s been drapped in tikka masala sauce?
    Once the chilli comes through that seems to transform into something else entirely – but my first couple of bites I could have sworn it was a curry.

    All-in-all it was a tasty burger. Better than the french stack, but not as good as the swiss.

  • 06/11/2018 at 5:58 pm

    It had a taste reminiscent of a donner kebab but slightly more spice. Not a fan. The Swiss was fantastic.

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