McDonald’s Cheese Bites

McDonald’s Cheese Bites Review

McDonald’s Cheese Bites:

What they say:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…cheese? Now introducing cheese bites, delicious mouthfuls of cheesy goodness!

Price: £1.79.

Calories: 228 kcal.

McDonald’s Cheese Bites are back on the menu alongside the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

Available in a serving of 10 pieces (or a ShareBox if ordering via McDelivery), McDonald’s Cheese Bites have been a recurring promotional cheese side for a number of years now.

McDonald's Cheese Bites

Priced at £1.79 and clocking in at 228 calories, they sound like the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

Served with one of my beloved McDonald’s sauces (the Rich Tomato dip), I was looking forward to getting these cheesy little balls in my mouth.

McDonald's Cheese Bites

The Cheese Bites are quite small, but for a portion of 10 with the dip I think they offer good value.

Biting in, the cheese inside is quite firm – it’s definitely got Mozzarella in there somewhere. You can tell by the texture.

They’ve also got a slightly herby after-kick to them too which is quite impressive.

McDonald's Cheese Bites

I always find it quite difficult to review the cheese sides at McDonald’s as what more can you really say about them?

They’re (generally) small pieces of deep-fried cheese in herb-flecked crispy coating with an accompanying dip.

There is no denying they are pure stodge. Maybe that’s why they are so popular!?

Get your dips out.

Speaking of dips, I do love a good marinara on my cheesy balls and once again confirms this as one of my all-time favourite sauces at The Golden Arches.

A rich, basil tomato marinara that always compliments any cheese side, especially the Cheese Bites.

McDonald's Rich Tomato Dip

I was washing down my McDonald’s Cheese Bites with a side of Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese today – I customised this by adding bacon (“urgh it’s not crispy”) and removing ketchup and pickles. And there was mustard on here today! Yay!

I have to say – this is THE ONE.

And… because of a glitch with the MyMcDonald’s app, I ended up paying twice, so they refunded me the second order AND gave me the food anyway. You can’t argue with that!

I won’t divulge if I ate BOTH Double QPs.

Back to the Cheese Bites:

Overall, a semi-respectable cheese side which will no doubt re-appear over and over again at McD’s.

For 10 pieces, they offer good value for £1.79 and the sauce you get with them will always be my favoured dip. After eating close to 20 of them this lunchtime, I don’t think I will return for more.

McDonald's Cheese ShareBox

McDonald’s Cheese Bites are available at participating restaurants subject to availability until Tuesday 24th September.

After this, they will be replaced by Cheese & Herb Melts during the returning Great Tastes of the World promotion.

There is a rumour that the next cheese sides will also be available as a ShareBox which will not be exclusive to the McDelivery platform. We shall see…

Right, I’m off for a lie-down now, as I believe I have just exhausted my monthly McDonald’s allowance in one visit.

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McDonald's Cheese Bites

Cheese Bites









  • That sauce
  • Good value


  • Stodge