McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets Review

Spicy Chicken McNuggets:

What they say:

Delight your senses with oh-so-tender chicken breast covered in a hot and crispy coating. Enjoy your Spicy Chicken McNuggets® with our spicy chilli dip – if you dare.

Price: £3.29 (6), £3.59 (9), £4.69 (20).

Calories: 290/435/967 kcal.

McDonald’s UK have launched Spicy Chicken McNuggets and they come in portions of six, nine or a twenty nugget ShareBox.

The smartest McDonald’s fans in the UK will have known about their launch for a while now, as we have been tweeting about their imminent release for a number of weeks.

And don’t forget, we were the only place to report on their very limited UK testing back in January 2019.

Prices above are subject to variation – expect to pay anything between £4.69 and £4.99 for a ShareBox.

First available in 2018, Spicy Chicken Nuggets have been on menus in countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Hungary.

And from Wednesday 7th August 2019 they are in the UK for seven weeks only – “so you better be quick!”

Spicy Chicken McNuggets

The nuggs come in their own branded box with the strapline “Get ‘em while they’re hot” and I was pleased to see that I received the Spicy Tomato dip which is supposed to come with them.

A quick note: for the next few days, you can order food via the MyMcDonald’s App and save money. So today, I ended up getting £3 off my total order when I spent a shade over £10. Not a bad saving!

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Getting up close and personal with the Spicy Chicken McNuggets, they certainly look impressive with a fiery orangey-red colour to the coating.

I’m also starting to think I should have just ordered a 20 Nugget ShareBox too because it is so much better value than ordering six on their own. But I have nobody to share them with today!?

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets

With an expectant, totally over-the-top, hyped first bite I find myself pleasantly surprised with the heat.

It’s not going to burn your face off – don’t go expecting these to take you to the fiery depths of hell and back.

In fact, when you first bite into them, there is only a slight, initial heat. Here, you get more of a semi-slow burn that hits your palate after.

That’s where the Tabasco-based Spicy Tomato dip comes in…

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets

This is the real provider of heat to the Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

The sauce ramps up the spice levels to a much more respectable level and makes for an enjoyable alternative to the regular Chicken Nuggets and their usual sauce accompaniments.

Speaking of those, we thought about looking at them side-by-side for some comparison shots.

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets

As you can see, the Spicy Chicken McNuggets have the usual shape variations found in their non-spicy counterparts.

They definitely look more impressive with their almost radioactive orange looking colouring.

McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets

There is no denying that McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets are small crispy-coated goblets of beige and many people are not a fan of them.

I’m on the fence on this one – if they are there I will definitely have one or two dipped in my favourite sauce(s) but I don’t tend to order them out of habit.

This could change for the next seven weeks…

Make no mistake, I would never queue to get to these, but as a supplement to whatever else I am ordering on the day I will ponder whether to add the spicy variants.

It is fantastic to see them in the UK and it is another marketing masterstroke by The Golden Arches to create such a buzz around them. I guess that is why they are the best in the biz.

My hope is that having got these in this country, we may see a promotion similar to the Spicy McChicken LTO which was on-sale in Canada.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Overall, Spicy Chicken McNuggets are a great addition to the McDonald’s menu – if only for a very limited period of time.

I would recommend sampling them while they are available but please do not rush into these expecting to eat something that would be best left to an eating challenge.

They do offer a slight spiciness… which is obviously different to the regular McNuggets. The sauce notches it up another level and for the price, you might as well hit that ShareBox up.

Right… I’m off for my Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Burger Lad®


Spicy Chicken McNuggets Sharebox

Spicy Chicken McNuggets









  • Visually impressive
  • Slight heat
  • Great sauce


  • "They're not spicy enough"