That Burger Place 3-Way

That Burger Place 3-Way Burger Review

What they say:

Double stacked patties, American cheese, buttermilk chicken, slow-cooked BBQ pulled pork and baconnaise. It’s the best of everything.

Price: £8.00.

Swinton, not Swindon. A largely overlooked suburb of Manchester and on the face of it an unlikely place to tuck away a burger joint. But if you overlook it, you’re missing out on a fantastic gem.

A tiny place on the outside, but as it uses the whole upstairs, it’s actually quite big on the inside. Almost as big as the homely Manchester welcome that awaits.

Everybody here seems to be happy and with products as good as this and a stream of happy customers, it’s no wonder.
Yep, before I even start taking about the burger I ate here, I can recommend the place – miss it and miss out big time.

That Burger Place 3-Way

The 3-Way is a “best of” burger – a double cheeseburger with added chicken and pulled pork.

The burger doesn’t have added BBQ sauce, leaving the moisture-making duties to the baconnaise, Double American cheese and meat juices, but the pulled pork has been cooked in BBQ sauce giving it that sweet flavour.

Now you all know that both pulled pork and BBQ sauce aren’t always my favourites but done right they can work. And here they work.

That Burger Place 3-Way

The stack looks a little unstable, only just staying in place within the confines of a toasted brioche, which is reasonably well suited although I understand they are open to alternatives.

The heel didn’t suffer too badly from disintegration because wisely patty number one was used as a base within the stack, so most sauce was kept away from the bottom.

The meat patties, courtesy of Chorlton hunter-shooter-fisher extraordinaire, Frosty, were excellent.

Biting into them and getting that stickiness between the teeth told me there was a decent amount of fat in the blend and the taste came through.

It was quite tightly packed, but not too much so as to spoil the texture, and with two of them there, the beef flavour transcended the whole affair.

That Burger Place 3-Way

This is a properly big dirty burger done absolutely right for £8, and anchored by those two great beef patties.

I can’t really fault this burger at all, and it’s a far higher quality than you might expect from the location.

The coating on the chicken was excellent, with the buttermilk giving a gentle introduction to the tender chicken within.

The baconnaise could possibly be a little more pronounced, a little more “bacony” but as I had a side dish of bacon cheese fries which were covered in bacon pieces, baconnaise and frazzles, I was pretty well catered for on the bacon front.

The double American cheese kept things super moist and of course its yellowy colour was very easy on the eye. Chef Jack had taken the melting to perfection in my book – the square shape still visible but the corners lovingly folded around the beef.

That Burger Place 3-Way

The grill flavour of this was spot on throughout and I was left with an extremely enjoyable aftertaste as I had a brief chat with the team. It was also hardly surprisingly that my stomach was well satisfied and I was roundly full by the end.

This burger, and this place left me with an overwhelming feeling of having to return very soon.

At the top of my list is the Highway to Hell, a tribute to the owner’s father, an AC/DC superfan, and a spicy, but not silly-spicy burger. I’m also trying to work out how to get to Swinton without driving as there is a booze licence in this burger joint too.

A fantastic looking menu (recently updated), clean throughout with simple interesting decor and an excellent attitude all round. I would not be surprised to see this in bigger and/or multiple premises in future.

That Burger Place 3-Way

Admiral Burgerbar











  • Excellent beef
  • Good thought to structure
  • Pulled pork delicious


  • Baconnaise could be stronger