Burger King Long Big King

Review of Burger King Long Big King

What they say:

The Big King got longer, introducing the Long Big King burger. Two flame-grilled burgers, cheese, onions, pickles and Big King sauce on a long bun.

Price: £1.99 with fries on King Deals.

Calories: 616 kcal.

Somewhat out of the blue and currently being advertised on television, we have a new-ish burger at Burger King – the Long Big King. It has immediately been added to the list of “longs” which now stands at three.

The Long Big King isn’t entirely new – it’s a reconfiguration of the old Big King which has been replaced on the BK menu by this and the Big King XL.

I say on the menu, but it’s rather hidden, certainly in my branch, only actually appearing on the printed text list on the side wall. It’s just appeared on their website.

I am a fan of BK’s “long” burgers – they recognise the real-world shape of a human mouth and make for a far less ridiculous eating experience than many of the “gourmet” and “street food” towers we so often see.

Although it now appears in this new shape, it’s essentially still the Big King, which we reviewed here. It’s available at a terrific price too.

Burger King Long Big King

So, I waited a little, got my burger (in a Chicken Royale wrap) and sat down to enjoy.

Unwrapping this one, I must say was quite unique because for probably the first time ever I got a distinctly un-BK-like smell. You know what I mean – that lovely flame grilled smell. This one just didn’t have it – I’ll explain in a moment.

Taste-wise, this is the same burger.

It isn’t my favourite on the BK menu if I’m very honest. The sauce just isn’t distinctive enough, and while the pickles do come through, these two elements are responsible for muting the classic BK smell (and taste) without offering much in return.

Burger King Long Big King

There’s plenty of crunch from the lettuce, very generous onions and pickles and on the face of it, it’s a well-made burger. It’s just that, in practice, the plentiful elements don’t add up to much.

I had some fries while I gathered my thoughts, and noted that BK fries still sit very firmly between McDonald’s and KFC in terms of enjoyment.

Back to the burger.

Burger King Long Big King

In my opinion, out of the now 3 “longs” this is the weakest.

The others are the Long Texas BBQ (formerly known as Rodeo) and the Long Chilli Cheese, which I adore.

The difference between the latter and today’s burger is the sauce, mainly. I just don’t think it stacks up well against the competition against which it was clearly developed to compete.

Have a Long Chilli Cheese instead.

Admiral Burgerbar

Website: http://www.burgerking.co.uk/

Long Big King









  • "Long" style suits better
  • Generous onions


  • Boring sauce
  • Loss of flame-grilled flavour