KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket

KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket

KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket Review:

What they say:

80 Pieces of our infamous 100% chicken breast Popcorn Chicken. A fun, bite-sized sharing meal that deserved its own bucket.

Price: £5.99.

Calories: Unknown.

KFC have re-released their 80-piece Popcorn Bucket (or Popcorn Chicken Bucket) which is available until Sunday 22nd March priced at a respectable £5.99.

You may or may not be a fan of KFC Popcorn Chicken and this is obviously marketed as a “sharing meal” but you can imagine some people will tackle this one on their own.

Popcorn Bucket sounds like an insult you might give to your ex-girlfriend because her party trick was seeing how many pieces of Popcorn Chicken she could fit in her cu… cup holder in the car.

KFC Bucket

It’s not the first thing I would order on the KFC menu – in fact, I’ve always thought of Popcorn Chicken being a product that is targeted towards children. My son is a big fan and he would be gutted to have missed out on this mission. Perhaps I will take him to KFC before the end of the LTO window.

KFC Bucket

The Popcorn Chicken Bucket is obviously difficult to score in terms of appearance, as the scoring system below is very much designed for burgers. But this looks as good as it can get for a bucket of Popcorn Chicken.

The bucket feels quite heavy too.

Now obviously the staff are not going to be in the back, counting out each one individually to ensure you have got 80 pieces. There must be some sort of scoop or imaginary fill-line for it to reach the intended 80-piece mark.

Who the eff would sit and count each one out anyway?

Probably me…

Today, my Popcorn Chicken Bucket contained 92 of the little chicken pieces. That sort of made up for having to spend 30p on a Supercharger Mayo dip to accompany it (you can obviously grab as many of the free sauces KFC put out if you want and today I also had BBQ with mine).

There’s an eating challenge for any of you interested – a full 80-piece (or more!) bucket of this without any sauce or drink. Let us know how you get on.

KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket

I’m seriously not counting each piece out because I am worried about being short-changed – a Large Popcorn Chicken normally clocks in at £4.29 (subject to variation) so this already offers outstanding value. If you are a fan…

Forgot to look for calorie information when in the restaurant and a quick check on the website does not tell me how much of my daily allowance I am consuming in one sitting. This is for sharing though. Obviously!

KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket

What can you say about Popcorn Chicken that you don’t already know?

The interior is an OK quality but doesn’t compare to the brilliant white fillet breast in the burgers or the on-the-bone goodness you get in other KFC buckets.

There’s a slight spice to the coating but not too much and after approximately 80 of these it is firmly ingrained on your palate.

IMO, this promotion further reinforces the trend we are seeing more at high street fast food outlets in this country.

Less innovation. More quantity and cheaper price on existing menu items.

It seems that the general customer in the UK isn’t interested in new and exciting products, instead we are given an extra patty on a burger and calling it a “special” or a shovel or two more of Popcorn Chicken for a reduced price and calling it a promotion.

We’ve also heard recently that Chizza, which was tested in the Manchester-area of the UK in late 2018, will NOT be coming to the UK anytime soon due to “operational issues.”

KFC Popcorn

The Popcorn Bucket or Popcorn Chicken Bucket is an outstanding menu item for the price and I’m sure countless fans will be pleased to get 80-ish pieces for six quid.

I’m very indifferent to the product on the whole but can see the appeal (especially to children or families wanting to get the best value for money if eating KFC).

Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

Burger Lad®

Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/menu/sharing/popcorn-bucket

KFC Popcorn Chicken Bucket

Popcorn Bucket









  • Great value
  • 80 or more pieces


  • No sauce (sort of)
  • A bit of a chore

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