McDonald’s Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo

Review of McDonald’s Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo

What they say:

Succulent chicken breast fillet in a crispy coating, with lettuce and Cool Mayo in a warm, toasted bakehouse roll. Simply delicious.

Price: £3.69.

Calories: 529 kcal.

McDonald’s Chicken Legend Range includes Hot & Spicy Mayo, BBQ and this one with Cool Mayo.

In that line-up, they’re not awfully dissimilar to the Signature Collection – sweet, spicy & standard, a tried and tested triumvirate.

This one, then, is the standard and its seeming blandness was filling me with a sense of “meh” going into my branch to get it.

Granted, I do sometimes get that way when approaching a non-beef burger but the Chicken Legends range on paper just doesn’t come across as exciting. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, it just seems bland.

Plus, there’s the price. These aren’t huge burgers, nor do they contain beef, yet at £3.69, that’s a full 60p more expensive than a Quarter Pounder for example. Even before tucking in, I knew which I’d rather have.

McDonald's Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo

Anyway, cracking on, the Chicken Legends come in a dedicated box, with little press down sections to indicate which of the three you’re getting.

Opening-up my Legends box I was greeted with a bun that is described as a “bakehouse roll” whatever that means.

It’s certainly crustier and more floury than the standard round seeded ones on other menu items. That bread, plus the shape, makes the whole thing feel a little more “sandwichy” than “burgery”.

McDonald's Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo

The mayo and lettuce (the only two toppings here) were both visible, as was the large chicken oblong. That crispycoated chicken was clearly well-seasoned with, as I later discovered, a rather decent peppery blend that gave out respectable heat.

And I say respectable because that heat and the noticeable crispness throughout meant this burger earned my respect and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would at the outset.

The chicken inside the coating was tasty too but to be fair it was the seasoning on the coating that elevated this from blandness.

It certainly wasn’t the looks, because it is really only the lettuce that breaks up the creamy beigneness of the looks, and the combination of mayo and lettuce isn’t exactly jaw-dropping stuff.

McDonald's Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo

In fact, the mayo was the only ingredient here tasked with preventing this from being a dry chore and only just managed. This could do with cheese – I probably could’ve added it but then it wouldn’t be “as is”.

As is, the Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo is a respectable choice – not my first choice by any stretch, but passable. It certainly tastes better than it looks.

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Chicken Legend with Cool Mayo









  • Seasoning


  • Rather dry
  • Boring toppings