KFC I Love You Bacon Burger

KFC I Love You Bacon Burger

I Love You Bacon Burger:

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KFC are releasing a new burger called the I Love You Bacon Burger.

As we previously reported (see here), KFC originally tested this under the original name it had in Australia – the Bacon Lovers’ Burger.


2019. The year of the vegan sausage roll and a time where aubergines, flax seeds and tofu have become the norm. Could this be the worst possible time in history to launch a bacon burger? Some might say yes… we say, let’s give it a go anyway.

Introducing the I Love You Bacon Burger – an irresistibly delicious triple-layered bacon burger. We’re not usually one to brag but believe us when we say you’ll never try a bacon burger like it.

I Love You Bacon Burger

Picture this: A succulent Original Recipe chicken fillet joined by two rashers of smoky, oven-cooked bacon, topped with creamy Baconnaise and cushioned on a mouth-watering bed of sweet Bacon Lovers’ Relish. Double cheese and a brioche bun complete the meaty masterpiece.

The I Love You Bacon Burger launches in restaurants nationwide from Monday 6th May for six weeks only, priced from £5.39 for the burger or from £6.39 for a meal. It’ll also be available for delivery exclusively on the Just Eat app.

You may say bad timing, but we say bad timing never tasted so good.

Marcus Buck, Senior Brand Manager at KFC commented:

“Let’s face it, we’ve timed this burger badly. We’re launching the I Love You Bacon Burger in a year when unprecedented numbers of people are eschewing meat and embracing the aubergine.

But for those bacon lovers that remain, this one’s for you. It’s so irresistibly tasty – try one before you turn vegan.”

What do you think of the new burger? Do you like the new name?

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  • 23/05/2019 at 3:49 pm

    Well disappointed with the new bacon burger,nothing like what it looks like on the advertising board in the store.
    Can’t say it tasted very good either

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