KFC #Burger

KFC #Burger

KFC are launching the #Burger but fans will have to be quick!

After the voting for Dragon’s Hen the winner, the #Burger is finally getting a release but there’s a huge catch… details below!


The #Burger is a dream combo of four Original Recipe mini fillets (stacked like a #), with crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce and slathered in Kanas BBQ sauce and ranch dressing – all housed in a special #-branded glazed bun.

The burger was the creation of KFC employee Rick Holt after winning KFC’s innovation challenge – Dragon’s Hen.

The #Burger will only be available in KFC Bolton Linkway on Thursday 23rd August and a percentage of sales will go to charity.

KFC #Burger

On Thursday 23rd August, and for one day only, the #Burger launches.

The #Burger is Instaready and perfect for the people who like to share anything and everything.

Placed on delicious ranch dressing, two Original Recipe mini fillets are stacked and topped with cheese and crispy bacon. Two more Original Recipe mini fillets are positioned and then topped with delicious Kansas BBQ sauce.

The burger was created by genius KFC employee Rick Holt, who won KFC’s very own innovation challenge – Dragon’s Hen.

The competition asked KFC team members to come up with the most innovative recipes and find the next big thing in chicken. After an intense round of taste tests, only two burgers made it through to the public vote, where Rick’s burger was crowned the eventual winner.

Rick commented: “I can’t believe that a burger that I designed is actially going to be sold in the restaurant where I began my career. It’s truly epic. Aside from appearning on Ninja Warrior, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Jack Hinchliffe, Innovation Director at KFC UK & Ireland commented: “We’re always looking to experiment with our menu and bring new flavours to the line-up. Our team members know our food best, with many of them already getting creative with the menu on their lunch breaks – so we thought who better to discover the next big thing?”

“Rick’s burger is a brilliant, indulgent combination of some of the best menu items we have to offer. It was a worthy winner of the competition and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it as much as I did.”

Rick’s #Burger is available exclusively in Bolton’s KFC Linkway restaurant at Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park, only on 23rd August, costing £4.19 on its own or £5.19 as a meal.

A portion of the sales of each burger will be donated to The KFC Foundation – a charity initiative which supports the development and nurturing of young people, by offering them safe spaces to socialise, the chance to find a job and people to speak to through mentoring programmes.

What do you think of this very limited release?

Were you hoping to see the #Burger in all UK restaurants?

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