KFC National Chicken Wing Day

KFC National Chicken Wing Day

KFC are celebrating National Chicken Wing Day by giving away free Hot Wings!

KFC National Chicken Wing Day


Chicken fanatics are set to go clucking mad for their favourite poultry piece – the two bone wing – on National Chicken Wing Day (29th July).

But if there’s one thing that gets our feathers ruffled, it’s knowing how to consume this notoriously fiddly part of the chicken with a touch of class.

Fear not, the chicken connoisseurs at KFC have issued a public service announcement to help Brits eat the trickiest part of the chicken in five simple actions:

1. Grasp the chicken wing firmly with both hands
2. Give it a few twists until you feel the bones loosen
3. Gently tug one of the bones out of the skin
4. Then the other…
5. Dip it… enjoy it!

Jack Hinchliffe, Innovation Director at KFC comments, “This clever five step technique optimises the wing experience for chicken lovers, guaranteeing minimum mess and maximum meat. From here on in, Brits no longer need to fear the wing!”

The spicy hot wings are KFC’s bestselling product in the UK & Ireland, with the brand selling an average of 135,000,000 wings every year. That’s more than the number of people born worldwide in the last year.

If all the chicken wings sold at KFC in the last year were laid out in a row, they would stretch 7.3 times the length of the UK and 25,000 times around the London Eye.

They would weigh nearly the same weight as 332 double decker buses, over five times the weight of Stonehenge and fill 1,637 red phone boxes.

Reading this press release left you feeling a bit peckish? Those looking to enjoy a taste of the finger lickin’ good stuff on National Chicken Wing Day can head to their local KFC where Colonel Club members can enjoy free hot wings with every Zinger Burger purchase*.

*Terms and conditions apply, see the app for details. Free wings offer valid from 17th July – 13th August for all Colonel Club members.

KFC National Chicken Wing Day – will you be visiting?

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