McDonald’s Great Tastes of America 2019

McDonald’s Great Tastes of America 2019

Great Tastes of America 2019:

*** UPDATE #3 ***

The new burgers ingredients are as follows:

Mississippi Stack: Two 100% British and Irish beef burgers with bacon, mild cheddar, tomato and onion relish, smokehouse BBQ sauce, red onion and lettuce in a toasted ciabatta style bun.

Kansas City Stack: Two 100% British and Irish beef burgers with bacon, smoky cheese, crispy onions and lettuce with a steakhouse BBQ sauce in a BBQ flavoured toasted bun.

Alabama Chicken – Two crispy chicken pieces, bacon, cheese, crispy onions and seasonal lettuce with a smoky BBQ mayo in a maize and sesame topped cornbread style bun.

Nashville Chicken – Two pieces of succulent crispy chicken with a sweet and spicy sauce, smoky cheese, coleslaw, jalapeños and lettuce in a maize and sesame topped cornbread style bun.

Massive thank you to our “secret sauce” for the info.

*** UPDATE #2 ***

The final line-up is in – look how close we were with our original prediction (see below!)

New York Stack – Week 1 and 2
Mississippi Stack – Week 3 and 4
South Carolina Stack – Week 5 and 6
Kansas City Stack – Week 7 and 8

There will be TWO chicken options…
Alabama Chicken – Week 1-4
Nashville Chicken – Week 5-8

Great Tastes of America 2019

Great Tastes of America 2019

The Spicy Nacho Wedges will be returning, and the McFlurries are Aero and Aero Mint.

The summer blended ice range also begins with GTA. Strawberry Lemonade is back permanently! Raspberry Ripple returns, with all new Caramel Biscuit Frappe. Honeycomb Frappe is not returning this year.

*** UPDATE #1 ***

We are hearing reports of an “Alabama Chicken Burger” along with Aero and Mint Aero McFlurries – more info as it comes in!

*** ORIGINAL ***

You will have heard about McDonald’s Monopoly returning first via our Twitter and/or Facebook profiles.

If you have come to this page, you are obviously trying to discover what will be the burgers for Great Tastes of America in 2019.

What do we know so far?

McDonald’s Monopoly rules state that “MONOPOLY at McDonald’s packaging available after 10.30am between 20th March and 30th April 2019…”

This suggests that the next promotion will start on Wednesday 1st May.

Great Tastes of America started on Wednesday 2nd May in 2018 so this looks like it will be the date we see the popular LTO return.

Great Tastes of America 2019

What will the burgers be?

Again, last year, we saw four beef options each running for two weeks alongside a chicken option which ran concurrently through the entire promotion.

We’d like to see the return of the Chicago Stack as we missed that one in 2018.

You can guarantee that there will be a mixture of new and returning favourites.

Here are our predictions (in no particular order):

New York Stack – since the shift to double 6:1 patty ‘stack’ burgers this has been on the menu every year. Definitely one that should return in 2019. Our review here.

South Carolina Stack – last seen in GTA 2017 this is due a return. You can read our review here.

Mississippi Stack – you might as well put a map of the US on a dartboard and see which state you hit for the next one.

The Golden Arches have never had a burger from The Magnolia State but with the previously released Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry, maybe 2019 is the year?

Next we are going to go with either the Texas Stack (McDonald’s did the Dallas BBQ in GTA ’15) or the Kansas Stack.

We think this could feature some sort of BBQ or steakhouse sauce to give us a real Taste of the USA.

What could the chicken option be?

Two Chicken Selects surely?

After doing the Ranch California Chicken again last year, we think McDonald’s will go back to spicy in 2019. Think something like the previously released Hot & Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken.

Which state could be associated with it though?

For obvious reasons, it is never going to be Kentucky, so one of the neighbouring states could get the nod.

That leaves us with any of the following; Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana or Arkansas (amongst others).

Would McDonald’s go with something like Nashville? I can’t help but think of KFC Nashville Hot Chicken though.

There’s also the range of Southern Legends which could be similar too?

Time will tell…

And what about sides?

Loaded Fries? Shaker Fries? Potato Wedges or Curly Fries – which would you like to see?

And will Monterey Jack Cheese Melts return?

In the meantime, for more updates on Great Tastes of America 2019 remember to check back here!

The Big Tasty, Big Tasty with Bacon and Chicken Big Tasty will be available during McDonald’s Monopoly until Tuesday 30th April.

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  • 01/05/2019 at 8:46 pm

    I fancy the New York Stack but not in a bagel…too chewy. Most of the others have bbq sauce (can’t stand it on burgers) so I guess I’ll wait for the Nashville Chicken.

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