KFC Texas Ranch Box Meal

KFC Testing Texas Ranch Box Meal

Back in October, we reported on the testing of the Dirty Louisiana Burger – our 8.5/10 review called it “one of the best KFC burgers ever.”

Well it seems that eagle-eyed KFC and BURGER LAD® fan, Jane, has spotted what could be additional KFC product testing.

The Texas Ranch Box Meal has been available from 27th February to 12th March 2017 at Reading Retail Park, Oxford Road, Reading.

The build is described by Jane as “barbecue sauce, hash brown, cheese, chicken fillet, greenery (posher than standard lettuce) and mayo.”

As you can see from the pictures, it also features the same char-marked bun that is being used for the Dirty Louisiana.

KFC Texas Ranch Box Meal

The Texas Ranch Box Meal comes with the burger, 1 Piece of Original Chicken, Regular Fries, Regular Side and a Regular Drink and is priced at £6.19.

It looks like the calories for the box meal clock in at approximately 1,350 kcal.

Jane has informed us that this will be followed up by the Alabama Cheese Box Meal so we’re hoping to get further information on that when its available.

Personally, if I walked into a KFC expecting to get a Dirty Louisiana and saw this on the menu-boards, I would be disappointed. This is similar, but missing the all-important sauces and pickles which made the Dirty so enjoyable.

What do you think of the Texas Ranch Box Meal? Is this indeed a test of future burgers we could see at KFC or just a poor substitute? Are you in Reading and visiting the Retail Park on Oxford Road?

It’s a bit of a strange one but interesting all the same. Hopefully we’ll follow this report up with a peek at that Alabama Cheese Burger.

A big thank you to Jane for the information and pictures!

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