McDonald’s Add Your Twist

McDonald’s Add Your Twist

Last week, we received a message from a BURGER LAD® reader informing us of a new McDonald’s initiative known as Add Your Twist.

McDonald’s has been known for providing a very set menu – you’ve always been able to remove ingredients from burgers (for example, a plain double cheeseburger) but adding ingredients is usually at the discretion of the restaurant.

We know that McDonald’s have started to be more accommodating with adding ingredients to their burgers with an “Ask Me” button on the system but it appears they have upgraded their touch screen kiosks to make additions.

McDonald's Add Your Twist

Five Guys was recently voted the UK’s number one fast food joint. They offer full customisation options for their burgers so perhaps this is in response to their popularity?

In the past, we’ve speculated on touch screen ordering kiosks and table service being the precursor to ‘Create Your Taste’ – but with that being largely unsuccessful in the US, we have started to doubt it will ever come to the UK.

The basic premise of Add Your Twist or ‘+ Your Twist’ is being able to add from select ingredients to McDonald’s classics.

The ingredients you can add are as follows:

Bacon +30p
Lettuce +20p
Tomato +20p
Cheese +20p

You can add a maximum of two or three additions (depending on the combination) and ketchup and/or mayonnaise to the following:

Big Mac, Chicken Legend, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish and McChicken Sandwich.

As tested by our roving reporter, Admiral Burgerbar, this can be done via the drive thru, ordering at the counter or interestingly via the kiosks.

McDonald's Add Your Twist

We’ve not encountered this before and initially believed this as a very limited test at selective locations. Although, we were (possibly wrongly) informed that this option should be available at any McDonald’s restaurant with touch screen kiosks.

UPDATE: Having checked another nearby location, the kiosk also allowed you to add to a Double Cheeseburger so we’re assuming this is now becoming more common in other restaurants and not just the sandwiches listed above.

The Admiral opted for a Big Mac with extra bacon which cost a total of £4.99.

McDonald's Add Your Twist

And before anyone asks… no you could not add an extra beef patty!

What do you think of Add Your Twist? Have you seen this in your local McDonald’s? What do you think of the ingredients you can add and would you like to see this list extended?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

Right… I’m off to McDonald’s for a Bacon Double Cheeseburger!!

McDonald's Add Your Twist

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