KFC Black Fries Day

KFC Black Fries Day – Free Fries at KFC


You’ve probably heard that KFC have given their fries a serious makeover… a thicker, chunkier, tastier makeover. So to celebrate this momentous occasion, they’re giving them away for free on Black Friday (23rd November 2018).

KFC’s new fries are thicker and wider (all the better for dipping with) and the whole spud is used, with the skin left on for a natural appearance and amazing taste. The added chunkiness also means they keep their heat for longer, so they’re delicious even on the go.

KFC Black Fries Day

To get the free fries on Black Friday, all you need to do is download KFC’s app (if you haven’t already!) and access the offer, which can be redeemed in your local participating restaurant. It’s one free portion per person.

Hazell White, CRM & Loyalty Manager at KFC UK & Ireland, said: “We’ve been blown away by the response we’ve had to our new fries – it’s a dream come true. To say thanks, we thought we’d give our fans a chance to try the new fries for free this Black Friday.”

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