Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana Brand Burger Insights

Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana Brand Burger Insights


Lantmänenn Unibake’s Americana brand collaborate with influential blogger Burger Lad® to reveal that 69% of your burger is bun.

Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana brand has released insights from a NEW burger study, spanning analysis of the burger market by the UK’s leading burger blogger Burger Lad, burger insights & preferences from consumers and expert advice from leading industry decision makers.

Lantmannen Americana Burger Insights

– On average 69% of a burger is bun, showing that serving a high quality bun is key to delivering the burger your customers want.

– According to the study, 83% of pubs and restaurateurs and 84% of consumers agree that a high quality bun is a key characteristic of a gourmet burger.

– 71% of pubs and restaurants already serve gourmet buns.

– Furthermore, consumers on average are willing to pay up to £1.25 more for their burger to come in a gourmet bun.

– Trading up to gourmet buns is identified as the key way for outlets to maximise sales.

Americana has today revealed that on average 69% of the burger is bun, making it an integral part of every burger meal; and is calling on outlets to ensure their buns are up to both customer and industry standards, and maximise on sales, by trading up to its Gourmet range.

The claim emerges on the back of comprehensive studies spanning consumer surveys and focus groups, interviews and questionnaires to key pub and restaurant decision makers, and in-depth interviews and analysis with the UK’s number one burger reviews website, Burger Lad.

The results shed new light on today’s burger market and maps out consumer and trade attitudes towards burgers and buns, for the benefit of all outlets.

Lantmannen Americana Burger Insights

Over 100 burgers were measured from a range of different outlets and included fast food, premiumised, and high end gourmet burgers.

Several measurements of each burger were taken (to the nearest mm) to establish the average burger’s filling to bun ratio. The research revealed that on average a staggering 69% of the burger is made up of the bun.

To conduct the research, the Americana brand teamed up with burger expert, Simon Dukes, a.k.a ‘Burger Lad’. Commenting on the findings, Dukes said: “This campaign provides further proof that operators need to do all they can to make their burger offering stand out in a hugely competitive market.

“The bun is the first thing you notice when you go to eat your burger, and it says a lot about the type of burger you are eating. The majority of the cheaper, fast food options we saw had a flatter, smaller, sesame seed bun. Not very exciting, but it does the job at the lower end of the burger scale.

“For the more premium options we measured, brioche was a popular choice. Despite the vast difference in the burgers and the price points charged, the percentage of the burger to bun ratio was relatively even, from fast-food to gourmet.”

Lantmannen Americana Burger Insights

When it comes to the opinions of pubs, restaurants and consumers, further research found 83% of pubs and restaurateurs and 84% of consumers agree that a high quality bun is a key characteristic of a gourmet burger.

Furthermore, consumers on average are willing to pay up to £1.25 more for their burger to come in a gourmet bun , making this a profitable opportunity for outlets.

Samantha Winsor, Assistant Brand Manager, Americana, commented: “When it comes to burgers the bun is a key ingredient. We wanted to find out what trade experts thought and how their opinions compared to consumer’s expectations of buying burgers out-of-home, and how the bun impacted and influenced their burger experience.”

The in-depth burger research also explored consumer expectations in relation to the type of establishment. When ordering in a pub or a restaurant 60% of consumers would expect their burger to come in a gourmet bun, with some stating that they would be disappointed if this was not the case . One consumer commented: “if they served me the standard seeded one I’d probably be disappointed and leave it.”

The high percentage of pubs and restaurants already serving gourmet buns shows that there is an understanding of the importance of buns in this sector. One Head of Marketing at a major National Pub Chain commented: “We don’t have gourmet burger buns for fun, we simply listen to what our guests want.” An Executive Chef for a leading UK Bar & Restaurant Chain also noted the impact on sales: “Offering premium products is paramount for repeat customers.”

Samantha Winsor continues “Consumer expectations towards premiumisation have shifted over the last three years, with more quality options being expected wherever customers are eating or drinking out. The craft beer movement is a prime example of this and these expectations are mirrored within the burger market. 71% of pubs and restaurants are already serving gourmet buns, so operators who aren’t doing this are falling behind, on what our research shows, is now expected of a quality burger offer.”

Samantha Winsor recommended “Trading up from a standard seeded bun to our Americana Brioche Bun or Americana Grill Marked Burger Bun costs very little, but can have a huge impact on how your burger offer is received and what consumers would be willing to pay for it. With 69% of a burger being bun and customers on average willing to pay up to £1.25 more, can outlets really afford to miss out?”

Lantmännen Unibake UK’s Americana brand encompasses a wide range of fast food breads, including Gourmet and Classic Burger Buns, Floured Baps and Hot Dog Rolls are all supplied thaw and serve and pre-sliced for total convenience.

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Lantmannen Americana Burger Insights

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