McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World 2019

McDonald’s Great Tastes of the World 2019

Great Tastes of the World 2019:

*** UPDATE ***

A reader has come forward and claimed this will be the line-up (since confirmed with schedule):

French Stack – Week 1 & 2
Canadian Stack – Week 3 & 4
Swiss Stack – Week 5 & 6
Italian Stack – Week 7 & 8

Indian Chicken – Weeks 1-4
Jamaican Chicken – Weeks 5-8

Great Tastes of the World 2019

Great Tastes of the World 2019

*** ORIGINAL ***

If you are looking for information on Great Tastes of the World 2019 you have come to the right place!

We can confirm that the popular promotion will be returning to McDonald’s UK from Wednesday 25th September 2019.

At this time, we do not know which burgers will be on the menu but we do know the format.

Great Tastes of the World 2019

Following on from the pattern of GTA ’19, it should include four different beef burgers (each running for two weeks) and two different chicken sandwiches (or burgers).

If GTA ’19 is anything to go by, the first chicken option will be available weeks one through weeks four and the second option weeks five through to the end of week eight.

This should take us to Wednesday 20th November and the launch of the Festive Menu – if you can remember, last year, the “Festive Menu” consisted of the Big Tasty and introduced the Chicken Big Tasty.

What we do know is that Great Tastes of the World 2019 will include Cheese & Herb Melts – our review here.

There will also be a Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry and the major news is the introduction of the anticipated Cheese Side Sharebox.

We predict this consisting of fifteen Cheese & Herb Melts along with three dips.

Although this new sharebox could see a release alongside the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Spicy Chicken McNuggets, we believe it will be during GTW ’19.

The Golden Arches did something similar when offering a cheese sharebox exclusively via McDelivery during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

McDonald's Cheese Side Sharebox

The other big news is the rumoured removal of the Signature Collection from the McDonald’s menu – for that latest breaking story click here.

In 2016, McDonald’s switched to 6:1 double beef stacks for Great Tastes of the World and since then have had the following burgers during the promotion:

2018: French Stack, Swiss Stack, Brazilian Stack, Jamaican Chicken
2017: Swiss Stack, South African Stack, Italian Stack, Jamaican Chicken
2016: South African Stack, Swiss Stack, Mexican Stack, Thai Special (Chicken)

So what will be available in 2019?

Looking at the above, it would be a safe bet to see two previously used burgers (Swiss Stack a lock?) alongside two new ones (a similar pattern to Great Tastes of America).

Jamaican Chicken one of the chicken options again maybe?

One of my all-time favourites, the Thai Special (pictured below) is unlikely to make an appearance since the switch from Chicken Legend patties to two Chicken Selects.

McDonald's Thai Special

We will keep you updated in this post and via our usual channels but in the meantime, can confirm that Great Tastes of the World 2019 is coming soon…

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