Burger King Smoky Black Angus

Burger King Smoky Black Angus

Smoky Black Angus:

Burger King UK have launched a new LTO – the Smoky Black Angus.

Described as:

Made from 100% pure, succulent flame-grilled Black Angus beef. Topped with bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce and a deep smoky BBQ sauce in a brioche bun.

Smoky Black Angus

To promote the new burger, Burger King have changed their Twitter name temporarily to Burger King o’ Scotland and are tweeting using stereotypical Scottish language.

After coming under recent fire for the calories in one of their promotional burgers, this clocks in at a more respectable 652 kcal.

What do you think of the new Angus LTO at Burger King?

Will you be sampling it?

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Smoky Black Angus

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Website: https://www.burgerking.co.uk/menu-item/angus-smoky-bbq-0

One thought on “Burger King Smoky Black Angus

  • 17/04/2019 at 5:19 pm

    I had it with fries, Fanta and a Strawberry Sundae. This burger defines yum.

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