McDonald’s Grand Big Mac & Mac Jr.

McDonald’s Grand Big Mac & Mac Jr.

We have been tweeting about it and can confirm that the Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. are coming to the UK!

From Wednesday 7th February, McDonald’s will be celebrating the 50th birthday of the Big Mac by finally releasing the much-requested Grand Big Mac alongside the smaller version – the Mac Jr.

Grand Big Mac

As you may recall, we sampled the Grand Big Mac when we were on holiday in Italy – you can see that review here.

In that review, we gave the Grand Big Mac a four-star rating and it looks like our plea to see it in the UK is finally going to be realised.

Of course, this was probably planned all along as we speculated as to how the world’s most iconic fast food burger would be celebrating its 50th anniversary in our post here.

The Grand Big Mac has been on-sale in pretty much every country that has a McDonald’s so 2018 is the year we will get to have it here in the UK.

The Italian version clocked in at 753 calories and we have it on good authority that the UK version will be 741 kcal with the Mac Jr. smaller at 400 kcal.

Grand Big Mac

In our review from Italy, I was disappointed not to get all three burgers side-by-side for a comparison shot – so you can expect to see that in our update.

We always expected 2018 to be the year that we would get this promotion in the UK and once McDonald’s sent out an email in late December which stated “Love Big Mac – You’ll love what’s coming 7th February.” we knew it had to be this long awaited burger.

McDonald's Mac Jr.

Both will be available until Tuesday 20th March.

Are you excited that the UK are getting these two burgers?

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Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. coming to the UK – you heard it here first!

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