McDonald’s Cheddar Festival

McDonald’s Cheddar Festival – Brazil

STOP THE PRESS – There is a new type of McRib available… but there’s a catch!

McDonald’s Festival Cheddar (or Cheddar Festival) has returned to McDonald’s Brazil.

The new-style McRib is called the Cheddar McRib Barbecue.

Alongside this is the returning Grand Cheddar McMelt and McFritas Cheddar Bacon – basically bacon & cheese Loaded Fries.

The Grand Cheddar McMelt was previously available with the fries and the Super Cheddar Bacon burger, but we believe the Cheddar McRib Barbecue is a first for McDonald’s Brazil.

Another popular burger readily available on the menu is the Cheddar McMelt – it seems Brazilians like their Cheddar!

The menu at McDonald’s Brazil is always interesting though.

Recently, they have also featured burgers such as the Grand Big Tasty, Triplo Tasty and the Crispy Onion Barbecue and Mushroom Dijon Signature Collection burgers.

What do you think of the Cheddar Festival LTO? And would you like to see this in the UK?

McDonald's Cheddar Festival

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And what about that Cheddar McRib Barbecue!?

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