McDonald’s Chicken Brekkie Burger

McDonald’s Chicken Brekkie Burger

Chicken Brekkie Burger:

McDonald’s Australia have added a new item to its breakfast menu – the Chicken Brekkie Burger.

Chicken Brekkie Burger

Described as:

Delicious barbecue sauce, sizzling bacon, melting cheese, a freshly cracked egg, crispy hash brown and succulent 100% Australian Chicken breast. All in a toasted sesame seed bun.

According to the Macca’s website, the Chicken Brekkie Burger is only available for a limited time.

Nutritionally, this class clocks in at 734 kcal.

This new breakfast offering joins the already released Big Brekkie Burger – see here for details.

What do you think of Chicken as a breakfast meal?

If you can remember, KFC UK have tried doing breakfast in the past under the Chicken AM branding.

It didn’t ever really seem to take off though…

Would you like to see the Chicken Brekkie Burger on the UK McDonald’s Menu?

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Chicken Brekkie Burger

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