KFC Crispy Tenders Hot Dog

KFC Crispy Tenders Hot Dog

Crispy Tenders Hot Dog:

KFC France have launched the new Crispy Tenders Hot Dog which is available in two flavours.

Fans of the fast food chain can choose between a Classic or 2Hot4U version.

The “hot dog” style sandwich/burger comes with two KFC Chicken Tenders, a Hot Dog Sesame Poppy Seeded bun and Melted Cheddar.

The Classic also includes Ketchup, Mustard and Fried Onions or the 2HOT4U option features 2HOT4U Sauce and Fried Onions and Jalapeños.

KFC France Crispy Tenders Hot Dog

This isn’t the first time KFC have had a hot dog-style item on the menu.

KFC Spain had something similar a few years back and both Russia and Kazakhstan have had a chicken Hot Dog on their menus.

KFC Hot Dog

KFC Hot Dog

And of course, who could ever forget the infamous Double Down Dog?

This replaced bread buns with fried chicken (obviously) and was available in The Philippines back in 2015 – it also occupied the fourth spot on our 2016 KFC Wish List.

KFC Double Down Dog

Are KFC leading the way for fast food innovation?

Recently there has been a deluge of new products from the leading fried chicken specialist.

Those include such delights as the Zinger Croissant, Colonel Grilled Cheese, Zinger Taco, Sliders, Chaco, Chicken Skin and Chachos.

Sadly, all have evaded the UK as of writing…

As reported yesterday, KFC in this country are set to trial a new vegan burger called The Imposter Burger – for more details see here.

We know KFC trialled Chizza in the UK and are patiently waiting for that to arrive – will it ever get released!?

What do you think of the new Crispy Tenders Hot Dog at KFC France?

Would you like to see them on the UK menu?

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