KFC O’Sanders Feast

KFC O’Sanders Feast

KFC O’Sanders Feast with 100% Irish Chicken launches in Ireland – includes much requested mashed potato!




KFC launches the O’Sanders Feast with 100% Irish chicken for St Paddy’s Day.

Named after the Irish heritage the Colonel wished he had, the new O’Sanders Feast launches in KFC restaurants across Ireland from today.

The €25 O’Sanders Feast really is the ultimate pot of gold. It includes 14 pieces of 100% Irish chicken, four servings of new mashed potato, eight onion rings, two sides and a 1.5 litre drink.

Following last year’s Irish-ish O’Sanders burger, the legendary Randy O’Brien is at it again – as he returns to promote the latest launch. Not satisfied with just 100% Irish chicken, the new advert sees him trying to make the O’Sanders Feast even more Irish – 200% Irish to be exact.

Whilst the O’Sanders Feast is available until 23rd April, 100% Irish Chicken on the bone is here to stay. And, at the insistence of Randy O’Brien, the O’Sanders feast is of course served in a special, limited edition lucky green bucket!

A KFC spokesperson said: “We’re celebrating St Paddy’s Day KFC style with a finger lickin’ good feast. We’re proud to be supporting Irish farmers and have 100% Irish Chicken here to stay on our menu. Just to reiterate, the green buckets were Randy’s idea…he insisted.”

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