KFC Chizza UK

KFC Chizza UK


I’ve written it three times I am that excited!

Chizza is at KFC in the UK!!

paul_eats_food on Instagram has reported to us that Chizza is in the UK at a KFC branch in Salford Shopping Centre.

KFC Chizza UK

Yes Chizza is in the UK people and this must mean it is coming soon!

If you don’t know what Chizza is you can read about it in our previous post HERE.

We recently reported on KFC testing the Bacon Lovers’ Burger (also in Manchester) and now it looks like KFC is testing Chizza.

The Chizza Meal includes a regular drink and is priced at £4.99 and clocks in at 550 kcal.

Chizza on its own is available at this location for £4.49.

KFC Chizza UK

Paul reports back that there are both pepperoni and green peppers on the UK version.

Are you excited to finally see Chizza in the UK?

Will you be visiting this KFC to try it?

A massive thank you to paul_eats_food on Instagram for the information – be sure to give him a follow here.

Chizza is in the UK people – GOOOOO!!!

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Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/