McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

McDonald’s Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

McDonald’s adds new Cheesy Bacon Flatbread to breakfast menu!

From Monday 13th March 2017, McDonald’s UK have added The Cheesy Bacon Flatbread to the breakfast menu – served until 10:30am but in a select few stores (see updates below).

The new breakfast item isn’t on the McD’s website at time of writing and we’re not sure if it is a permanent or limited time product.

Both McDonald’s Twitter and Facebook accounts just shared an image of the new breakfast offering and it’s already causing a storm on social media.

We’ll have nutritional and price information for you ASAP when we do our full review of the new Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

*** UPDATE *** the Nutrition Calculator lists this at 298 kcal.

*** UPDATE *** This is priced at £1.49.

What do you think of the new addition to the McDonald’s breakfast menu?

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*** UPDATE ***

We visited three separate McDonald’s restaurants Monday morning and all locations were not serving the Cheesy Bacon Flatbread.

*** UPDATE ***

We believe that this is being tested in a small group of stores in the Berkshire area. Send us a picture if you get to try one!

*** UPDATE ***

BURGER LAD® reader Sophie managed to try one at a McDonald’s in Reading…

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

The concept is a good one so we were raring to try it. I saw other diners were eating the Flatbread too.

It’s a big size for £1.49 which was very pleasing. However, you could not taste the bacon at all. All you could taste was the McDonald’s cheese.

The cheese was very melty and the flatbread had a fantastic crunch. Add some condiments and a lot more bacon, and you’ve got a really nice snack. But right now, it just tastes like a cheese toastie!

Unless they add more bacon and more condiments, I definitely wouldn’t try again and I wouldn’t miss it.

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

Spotted at Newport, Isle of Wight:

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Flatbread

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