McDonald’s Czech Republic Asia Menu

McDonald’s Czech Republic Asia Menu

McDonald’s Czech Republic Asia Menu:

Black and White Bun burgers have arrived at McDonald’s in Europe for the first time!

McDonald’s in the Czech Republic have got a new Asian-inspired menu featuring burgers and sides.

McDonald's Prawn-Shi

From their website via translate:

You don’t have to pack your suitcases, leave your passport at home and the Chinese chopsticks. You can now enjoy Asia in the nearest McDonald’s.

We’ve prepared something for you that hasn’t been here yet. And let’s say it’s pretty bad and Asian.

The name is Prawn-shi And Krava-shi. Two new hero burgers, black and white, both with 100% Czech beef, shrimp-shi still with shrimp. And if you love chicken, come and enjoy a chicken burger with chilli-lemon sauce. We call him Chicken-mo and it’s really worth it.

Or do you just want to taste something smaller from the Asian repertoire? Reach for Shrimp with a cocktail sauce Or try Money Bags – vegetable bags with glass noodles.

McDonald's Czech Republic Asia

The black bun Prawn-shi is described as:

How about a black burger? An absolute novelty that hasn’t been here yet. Taste the black bun with honest Czech beef, peeled shrimps, fresh rocket, salad, salad cucumbers, tomato and the unmistakable Sahara sauce.

The white bun Krava-shi (beef) is described as:

Every yin has his yang, and this time in the form of white bunes. Czech beef with two sauces: Medovohořčičnou and Sójovosezamová. Fresh cucumbers, onions and crispy salad are also enhanced by the taste experience.

McDonald's Czech Republic Asia

The Chicken-mo is described as:

Chicken lovers, rest! We have here for you a non-traditional Chilli bun with portions of chicken meat, chili-lemon sauce, a slice of cheese, fresh cucumber and salad, all in addition to the sandwich sauce.

Also available are Shrimp and what could be a first for McDonald’s – Money Bags.

McDonald's Shrimp

McDonald's Money Bags

Black and White burgers are not new to McDonald’s – they have been available in the Far East before and were on-sale as part of a Snoopy promotion in China in 2015.

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