McDonald’s Maestro Fancy Francis

McDonald’s Maestro Fancy Francis – Belgium

McDonald’s have launched what could possibly be their poshest burger yet – the Maestro Fancy Francis.

What makes this burger available now in Belgium so posh?

Well the Fancy Francis features truffle mayonnaise sauce but is actually the second McDonald’s burger to use truffles as an ingredient after the Homestyle Juicy in Norway (see that one in our Big Mac BLT post here).

It is described/translated as “An autumn-flavoured burger with 2 100% beef patties, steamed mushrooms, fresh onions, a slice of gourmet cheese and arugula. All accompanied by a truffle mayonnaise sauce in a golden brown bread and complete with flax seeds and sesame seeds.”

McDonald's Maestro Fancy Francis

The Fancy Francis is the latest interestingly named Maestro Burger following others such as the Generous Jack, Genuine Jill, Oki Smokey, Wacko Guaco, Amazing Angus and Generous Gina.

The Maestro range has been available in most of Europe including a brie-topped burger in Portugal, grilled camembert in Poland and a burger with egg in Holland.

Other countries that have had the Maesto range include Estonia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Malta, Sweden and Morocco.

Long-term Burger Lad® fans should remember a previous posh McDonald’s burger – the one topped with Foie Gras which was available in Hungary.

For now, UK McDonald’s fans will have to travel to Belgium if we want to try a McDonald’s burger with truffle sauce.

What do you think of the Maestro Fancy Francis? Would you like to see a burger with truffle mayonnaise on the UK McDonald’s menu?

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