KFC The Fill Up Lunch

KFC The Fill Up Lunch

The Fill Up Lunch:

KFC have launched a new lunch deal – The Fill Up Lunch is now available at participating restaurants and costs just £1.99.

KFC The Fill Up Lunch

The KFC website says:

A mini fillet burger, 2 hot wings and a regular fries. The perfect lunch option. Available every day before 3pm at participating restaurants.

We were at KFC reviewing the new I Love You Bacon Burger when we spotted the advertising for The Fill Up Lunch in the drive-thru.

I asked the staff what was included (not knowing it was on the website at the time) and they were a bit vague. But they did mention Popcorn Chicken.

So, we went through the drive-thru and ordered the deal which launched today (Monday 6th May) and it did come with a medium(?) Popcorn Chicken.

KFC The Fill Up Lunch

For under two quid you get: A mini fillet burger, two hot wings, regular fries/chips AND a portion of Popcorn Chicken.

This has got to be THE BEST High Street/Retail Park fast food deal EVER! Or a mistake including the extra Popcorn Chicken…!?

KFC The Fill Up Lunch

OK, the mini fillet is quite small, but I don’t believe you will find a better value lunch deal anywhere else!

No drink is included and when placing our order, we were asked if we wanted one. So that will soon bump the price up!

But for £1.99 to get a mini burger, wings, popcorn chicken and the new fries is an absolute steal.

KFC £1.99 Lunch

Our review of the new I Love You Bacon Burger will be live very soon. In the meantime, if you are heading to KFC and fancy a great deal (before 3pm), you will not go wrong with the new Fill Up Lunch.

KFC The Fill Up Lunch

This may be available for a limited time only and as the website does not include Popcorn Chicken in the description, just check before ordering!

At £1.99, The Fill Up Lunch at KFC has got to be the best lunch deal at any fast food chain in the UK now. Recommended.

KFC Lunch Deal

Burger Lad®

Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/snacks/199-fill-up-lunch

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  • 10/05/2019 at 9:20 pm

    the popcorn chicken was a definate mistake, you got lucky with that one.

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