KFC Supercharger Sauce

KFC Supercharger Sauce

KFC Supercharger Sauce:

CONFIRMED: KFC to sell popular Supercharger Sauce.


KFC’s powering up its sauce game by launching a mighty 1L bottle of its popular spicy mayo sauce – The Supercharger.

For the first time ever, the chicken gurus will be selling limited edition bottles in KFC restaurants nationwide. Available for just four weeks fans will need to move fast to grab their hands on these Supercharger bottles.

KFC Supercharger Sauce

Dubbed the OG of sauces, the supersized edition of the infamous Supercharger will be available from next week, following an outcry from the nation for this beloved sauce:

“KFC bring back the Supercharger please, I would sell my left leg for it”

“About time they pushed Brexit to one side and discussed bringing the Supercharger back to KFC in parliament.”

The 1L Supercharger bottles will be available from 15th July to 11th August for only £4.00.

Alongside the bottles, KFC is also introducing Supercharger dip pots which will be a permanent fixture on the menu, allowing aficionados to dunk, twist and smother their favourite chicken in the sauce of dreams all day every day.

A KFC spokesperson commented: “For a while now fans have only been able to get a small taste of our spicy mayo in our infamous burgers and flamin’ wraps. But we know, just how much our Supercharger sauce is loved up and down the country and are excited to share our supersized edition of our legendary sauce.”


There was a massive reaction on Twitter yesterday when KFC shared the tweet below:

Will you be buying a bottle of KFC Supercharger Sauce?

And will McDonald’s ever respond and sell Big Mac sauce in the UK? (yes we know it has been available in other countries!)

KFC Supercharger Sauce

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KFC Supercharger Sauce