McDonald’s Grand Big Mac Bacon

McDonald’s Grand Big Mac Bacon

Grand Big Mac Bacon:


The Grand Big Mac Bacon is rumoured to be coming to McDonald’s UK in late January/early February.

One of our “secret sauces” has come forward saying that the bacon version of the Grand Big Mac should be available soon.

Grand Big Mac Bacon - McDonald's UK

Pictured above with the Grand Big Mac and Grand Big Mac Chicken, this was first released in Spain in September 2015.

As we can recall, McDonald’s Spain is the only country in the world that has featured the burger and it was subsequently re-released there in June 2016.

Last February, McDonald’s UK added both the Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. to its menu for a limited time and the rumour is that it will return again in 2019… with added bacon!

You can see our original review of the burger from McDonald’s Italy here. We also reviewed the Mac Jr. which you can read here.

The Big Tasty and Chicken Big Tasty are currently on the menu and these are both scheduled to end on Tuesday 29th January.

Will the Grand Big Mac Bacon be available on Wednesday 30th January or a week later on Wednesday 6th February? Is this even true…!?

Grand Big Mac Bacon - McDonald's UK

As we get more information we will be providing updates in this post so check back for further details.

The start of the New Year has seen The Golden Arches firmly promoting their new veggie options so it looks like the carnivores could be in for a treat next.

We believe the GBM was a MASSIVE success last year with some reports of the burger selling out in many restaurants. It makes perfect sense to bring it back with added bacon – especially with the Bacon Double Cheeseburger now part of the core menu.

What do you think of this rumour?

Would you like to see the Grand Big Mac Bacon in the UK?

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