Burger King Steakhouse Angus

Burger King Steakhouse Angus

Steakhouse Angus:

Burger King have added a new burger to their menu for a limited time.

The Steakhouse Angus will be available from Monday 8th July at all participating restaurants.

This new burger is joined by the Halloumi Burger and Double Halloumi Burger – we broke that news first which you can see here.

Steakhouse Angus

The new burger is described on the BK website as:

Made from 100% pure, succulent flame-grilled Black Angus beef. Topped with bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce and a deep smoky BBQ sauce in a brioche bun.

Nutritionally this clocks in at 803 calories.

As of writing, we cannot confirm the exact price but would put it in the £4.00 to £6.00 price bracket for the burger only. We are also unsure how long this new burger will be available for.

The previously available Smoky Black Angus has now disappeared from the Burger King website so we assume this has now finished.

What do you think of this latest LTO? Is it too similar to the aforementioned Smoky Black Angus?

Are you tired of BBQ sauce on summer 2019 high street promotional burgers?

And… which has got you more excited and tempted to visit BK – the Halloumi Burger (not a permanent menu item) or the Steakhouse Angus?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

Burger King Steakhouse Angus

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