McDonald’s Halloumi Burger

McDonald’s Halloumi Burger – Sweden

McDonald’s Halloumi Burger:

McDonald’s Sweden are launching a Halloumi Burger!

On Thursday 4th July, the fast food chain announced that it would be launching a new Halloumi Burger in all its restaurants in Sweden.

They are also asking McDonald’s fans to name the burger – currently known/marketed as the McHalloum-ish.

McDonald's Halloumi Burger

From their website (via Google Translate):

McDonald’s goal is that by 2020, 50% of all protein served should consist of vegetarian, fish or chicken.

McDonald’s therefore presents new menu options to attract even more burger lovers to test vegetarian.

McDonald’s will soon serve a new Nordic cheese with inspiration from the appreciated halloumi cheese.

The benefits of the new cheese are several, not least when it comes to important sustainability aspects, including shorter transports and reduced use of antibiotics.

But most importantly, the good taste, the cheese is deep-fried and comes with a perfect salty and crispness that binds the taste excellent.

Nina Remöy, Responsible for Food Team at McDonald’s Sweden says:

“We are so happy to finally be able to present this new product. A cheese alternative is requested by our guests and to be able to offer a fantastic taste while we broaden the menu for those who want to vary their diet is a really good deal for our guests. We are sure that the guests will love the taste of it.”

The social media competition will be launched soon so that customers can name this new burger.

Christoffer Rönnblad, Marketing Director at McDonald’s Sweden added:

“McDonald’s is Sweden’s largest restaurant chain and we love to cooperate with our guests. When we now develop a completely new and unique product, it feels obvious to invite the guests to enjoy it. We look forward to following their creativity and see what the result is, I am sure that both the name and our new burger will be a success.”

As of writing, there is no official confirmation as to what other ingredients will be on the McDonald’s Halloumi Burger.

Fast food chains in Sweden have been the pioneers of bringing Halloumi to the high street.

Burger King started this trend with the Halloumi King and Smokey BBQ Halloumi King (pictured below) and more recently, have added Halloumi Fries to the menu – see here.

Smokey BBQ Halloumi King

McDonald’s previously had a Halloumi McMuffin on-sale in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates in 2018.

What do you think of the impending McDonald’s Halloumi Burger?

Would you like to see something similar on menus in the UK?

And what would you call it?

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