Burger King Halloumi Fries

Burger King Halloumi Fries

Burger King Halloumi Fries:

First there were fries… then Satisfries… then there were Chicken Fries and now Burger King have launched Halloumi Fries!!

Burger King Halloumi Fries

Back in August 2018, Burger King Sweden made some noise in the fast food lane by introducing the Halloumi King (pictured below).

Burger King Halloumi King

Now they have added Halloumi Fries to their menu…

According to the BK Sweden website, the new Halloumi Fries are available in portions of four or six.

Nutritionally, the 4-piece option weighs in at 288 kcal with the 6-piece option clocking in at 433 kcal – so approximately 72 calories per fry.

Burger King Halloumi Fries

The description is translated as follows:

Lovely crispy Halloumi fries to dip or eat as they are! Genuine Halloumi from Cyprus.

There is no indication if these come with a specific dip or not… but the box/packaging they come in looks pretty cool.

Halloumi seems to be the popular vegetarian option of choice at Burger King in Scandinavia.

As of writing, Sweden, Denmark and Norway all offer the Smokey BBQ Halloumi King which features smoked Texas dressing, Western BBQ sauce, fresh iceberg lettuce, tomato and red and white onion rings.

Smokey BBQ Halloumi King

We recently received a tweet from a BURGER LAD® fan asking if we knew if Chicken Fries and/or Halloumi burgers were coming to the UK soon.

Apparently, when ordering via the touch screen in the restaurant, both were on there but crossed out.

Does this mean the Halloumi King is coming to this country soon?

In the meantime, keep an eye out for tabloids hearing of the new Halloumi Fries and the obligatory “but there’s a catch” headline.

What do you think of the latest fry offering from The King? Would you like to see these on the menu in the UK?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

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Website: https://burgerking.se/menu/halloumi-fries