KFC Hot Wings Bucket

KFC Hot Wings Bucket

Hot Wings Bucket:

KFC have re-released their popular £5.99 Hot Wings Bucket from Monday 17th June.

Previously available in October and November in 2018, this returning Bucket is described as:

“Grab 20 of our best Hot Wings for a full on fiery feast. At participating restaurants. Subject to availability.”

Hot Wings Bucket

As you can see from the image below, KFC haven’t updated their website properly yet as it is still saying it is available every day from 21st October until the 17th November.

For £5.99 you basically get 20 Hot Wings which sounds like a decent deal.

Don’t forget that KFC are also trialling their new vegan options at a number of limited stores today.

The Imposter Burger and Southern Fritter Stacker are available at 20 restaurants – for full details click here.

Monday 17th June also sees the end of the I Love You Bacon Burger and popular Fill Up Lunch deal.

Will you be sad to see those disappear from the KFC menu?

Hot Wings Bucket

This popular £5.99 Bucket is back at KFC – according to the KFC website, one Hot Wing on average clocks in at 85 kcal.

So if you eat all twenty wings, you will be consuming 1,700 calories – nearly the daily recommended intake for a woman which is 2,000.

Are you glad to see it back? Will you be sampling one while they are available for a limited time?

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Website: https://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/for-sharing/599-hot-wings-bucket