Rustlers Gourmet Classic Burger

Rustlers Gourmet Classic Burger & Gourmet BBQ Burger

Rustlers have launched two new products – The Gourmet Classic Burger and Gourmet BBQ Burger.

We contacted the guys at Rustlers a few weeks ago as we were unable to locate them despite being on their website.

Rustlers responded saying that they should start being found in shops from mid to late May and that they “will have a solid position in Co-Op.”

The new gourmet range should now be in stores so keep a look out!

Rustlers Gourmet Classic Burger

Rustlers Gourmet Classic Burger comes with cheese, streaky bacon, American style mustard mayo and tomato relish and clocks in at 284 kcal per 100g.

Personally, I’m not a massive fan of Rustlers burgers but I am curious to try this so check back soon for our possible review.

The Rustlers Gourmet BBQ Burger (like the classic) comes with a brioche bun and has cheese, streaky bacon, crispy onions and Smokey BBQ sauce.

Nutritionally, The Gourmet BBQ Burger is 276 kcal per 100g.

Rustlers Gourmet BBQ Burger

Admiral Burgerbar reviewed the Rustlers Flame Grilled Quarter Pounder, three years ago in May 2014. You can read his review here.

More recently, in September 2016, I reviewed Mom’s Gourmet Burger which can also be cooked in the microwave. You can see my review here.

Although not everyone is a fan, Rustlers burgers do seem popular (estimated £100m in yearly sales) and should be applauded for the brand being associated with the Eat Late Eat Safe campaign.

Do Rustlers and Gourmet belong in the same sentence?

Are you a fan of their products and looking forward to trying the new Rustlers Gourmet range?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

We may review the one or both of the range so check back for updates.

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