KFC Southern Bites

KFC Southern Bites

From Monday 29th January, KFC will be releasing new Southern Bites!

The Southern Bites come in two new flavours for 2018 – Kansas BBQ and Nashville Hot.

We last reviewed the Rio BBQ Bites back in July 2016 – these were also available in two varieties; Sweet & Smoky BBQ and Fiery Chilli. Our review here.

KFC Southern Bites are described as “4 juicy Boneless Bites smothered in a delicious sauce inspired from the South” priced at £1.99 and clock in at 350 kcal per portion.

KFC Southern Bites

Also available are the following meal options:

Southern Bites Meal 4pc – 4 Limited edition Southern Bites served with fries and a drink (655 calories).

Southern Bites Meal 8pc – 8 Limited edition Southern Bites served with fries and a drink (listed as 655 kcal but could be an error).

Southern Bites Box Meal – For the hungrier ones, 4 Limited edition Southern Bites, paired with our original recipe burger and served with a regular side of your choice, fries and a drink (1,035 calories).

Southern Bites Boneless Feast 8pc – 8 Limited edition Southern Bites, 8 juicy mini fillets, 2 large sides, 4 fries and a big bottle of drink (3,320 calories).

Southern Bites Boneless Feast 12pc – 8 Limited edition Southern Bites, 12 juicy mini fillets, 2 large sides, 4 fries and a big bottle of drink (3,840 calories).

What do you think of the new Southern Bites? Which flavour sounds the best – Kansas BBQ or Nashville Hot? Will you be trying them from Monday onwards?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

Check back for further updates and/or a review soon!


KFC today launches Southern Bites in two new flavours – sweet and smokey Kansas BBQ, and spicy Nashville Hot – available for six weeks only. Back by popular demand, the Southern Bites are sumptuous whole chicken breast, hand breaded in a signature crispy coating, and covered in one of the delicious, flavour-packed sauces.

Inspired by the authentic flavours of the southern states of America, the two new signature flavours have legendary stories about their creation:

Nashville Hot – according to legend, the Nashville Hot flavour began by a woman who was fed-up of her boyfriend’s philandering ways. To get back at him, she served him the spiciest fried chicken she could create – covered in paprika and cayenne pepper.

Instead of hating it, he fell in love with it and opened his own Nashville Hot chicken restaurant.

Nashville Hot Bites draw inspiration from the fiery but smoky flavour, featuring rich notes of chilli and paprika.

Kansas BBQ – Henry Perry was known as, and still is, the ‘King of Kansas Barbeque’. After creating his famous BBQ meals at his street food cart, he went on to open a world famous restaurant – known for tasty smoked meats and sauces.

He’s now widely recognised for his contribution to the Kansas BBQ culture. Kansas BBQ is inspired by Perry’s smoky, sticky and sweet BBQ sauce.

Southern Bites can be bought in buckets of four or eight, or as part of a wider meal or Boneless Feast for those hungry moments.

KFC’s new Southern Bites are available until 11th March.

KFC Southern Bites

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