KFC Alabama Cheese Burger

KFC Alabama Cheese Burger being tested in the UK

KFC have been testing two burgers under the “Greats from the (Southern) States” branding.

We reported on the Texas Ranch last week and below we have some more information from KFC and BURGER LAD® fan, Jane on the Alabama Cheese Burger.

“Coming in a shiny-top bun, from top down, the build was ketchup, pickles, a slice of cheese, chicken fillet, another slice of cheese and a liberal helping of a delicious (and very runny and messy) mustard flavour sauce at the bottom.”

The Alabama Cheese Box Meals comes with the burger, 1 Piece of Original Chicken, Regular Fries, Regular Side and a Regular Drink and is priced at £6.19. The Box Meal clocks in at 1,195 kcal.

KFC Alabama Cheese Burger

This is currently available from 13th March to 26th March at Reading Retail Park, Oxford Road, Reading.

The end date coincides with the ending of the Dirty Louisiana Burger so for some reason, this particular KFC hasn’t had the Dirty Louisiana but has had the Texas Ranch and now the Alabama Cheese instead.

Do you like the sound of the Alabama Cheese Burger? Sounds like that mustard-flavour sauce could be good… and are you a fan of pickles with chicken?

What are your thoughts about the name “Greats from the States”?

KFC Alabama Cheese Burger

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Remember, we were first to bring you news of McDonald’s testing the new Cheesy Bacon Flatbread in a limited number of restaurants.

Another big thank you to Jane for sending us the information and pictures!

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