McDonald’s Burgers Around The World

McDonald’s Burgers Around The World

I thought I would share the top ten countries that visit BURGER LAD® and showcase an individual burger from each country. This is a quick tour of McDonald’s burgers around the world.

Each description is taken from the respective website and translated via Google Translate where required.

1 – United Kingdom

Currently on offer in the United Kingdom is the Big Tasty with Bacon – this burger makes frequent visits to these shores.

Big Tasty with Bacon

The Big Tasty, served with bacon, features a 100% beef patty with square cut lettuce, onions, two tomato slices, Big Tasty sauce and three slices of cheese, made with Emmental, all in a sesame-topped bun.

2 – United States

From our friends in the US comes the Angus Mushroom & Swiss. I hope to see this make an appearance this side of the Atlantic soon but I will not hold my breath.

McDonald's Around the World

A thick and juicy third-pound* 100% Angus beef patty with its own special seasoning on a premium bakery style bun, two slices of Swiss cheese and savory sautéed mushrooms.

3 – Germany

New to Germany is the ‘Stars of America’ promotion and the lovely looking and sounding Steakhouse Classic. I hope this one is the next 2013 promotion in the UK! Part 2 of the promotion starts on 21 February 2013.

McDonald's Around the World

For true meat lovers: The Classic Steakhouse with juicy beef, delicate cheese preparation and Bacon. The unique smoky tomato sauce and red onions make him unbeatable.

4 – France

L’Oriental is a two patty long hamburger with an oriental twist to it. I can’t see this one making its way across the English Channel but I may pop in on my next trip to Cité Europe.

The Oriental is a sandwich consisting of a small baguette baked on stone, 2 delicious potato pancakes, a speciality beef seasoned sauce and Eastern.

5 – Japan

Burgers are big in Japan and they have a wide selection of interesting sounding menu items. Here we have the Mac Teriyaki Burger (probably a bit more Oriental than the previous entry).

Finished in flavor “teriyaki” unique to the Japanese pork patty, it is very popular menu from children to adults. Pork Patty rich feel better saltiness and spices, to taste. Garlic and ginger appetizing, there is the tangled, teriyaki sauce. By Sand on bun with sesame seeds served with sweet lemon sauce and crisp lettuce was brown and I have both full-bodied flavor and firm meet to eat.

6 – Ireland

Quite a tricky entry this one as the menu is so close to the UK one. We thought we’d add a chicken entry for this one so I present the Chicken Legend with Spicy Tomato Salsa.

A crispy chicken breast fillet so tender and juicy, we can’t keep it a secret. Served on a bakehouse roll with leafy green Batavia lettuce and Spicy Tomato Salsa.

7 – Hungary

Currently on offer in Hungary is the Rösztiburger which is basically a burger with a potato Rösti, bacon, mayo and cheese on a cheese topped bun. I couldn’t find a translation on the website but I think the picture speaks a thousand words…

8 – Denmark

The good people of Denmark look like they have got the right idea with the tasty sounding McFeast. It looks like the sort of burger that you could quite easily have two or three of at once…

Our classic McFeast® consists of a steak of 100% pure beef, a slice of melted cheddar, tomatoes, fresh onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise – served in a bun with sesame.

9 – Spain

Spain was a bit of a pain when compiling this list mainly because the website would not load. Now I did contemplate adding a different country instead but this is a credible burger website at so here is the Mc Ibérica.

A beef patty with jamon iberico, Manchego cheese, olive oil, lettuce and tomato.

10 – Canada

Last but certainly not least is McDonald’s Canada. It was a struggle trying to decide which entry to have representing Canada – notable mentions to their Angus Third Pounder Range but in the end it had to be that Double Big Mac.

One of a kind, Double Big Mac®, made with four 100% Canadian beef patties, special sauce, crisp lettuce, processed cheddar cheese, pickles and onions on a toasted sesame seed bun. Nothing compares to the taste.

So that concludes our quick burger tour around the world. I hope you have enjoyed the grill trip.

Burger Lad®