McDonald’s Switzerland Winter Weeks

McDonald’s Switzerland McRaclette and McBretzel – Winter Weeks

McDonald’s Winter Weeks:

McDonald’s Switzerland continues its fine tradition of bringing premium burgers to customers in limited time offers.

McDonald's Winter Weeks
Winter Weeks at McDonald’s Switzerland…

Up first in the Winter Weeks promotion is the returning McRaclette – Finest raclette cheese, original Swiss beef and a double portion of homemade sauce Raclette – irresistibly good!

Recommended retail price is 7.90 CHF (£5.38/$7.98) for the burger only. 773 kcal per portion.

McDonald's Winter Weeks

The second is a very interesting looking new McDonald’s burger – McBretzel. A pretzel bun offering developed by chef and team captain of the Swiss cooking team Roman Okle: Yummy Emmi cheese, apple mustard chutney, crisp arugula, Swiss beef and self-created house sauce (Google translate).

McDonald's Winter Weeks

The McBretzel has the same RRP as the McRaclette and is slightly lower on the calorie scale clocking in at 614 kcal.

How likely is it we ever see the McRaclette and/or McBretzel in the UK?

Would you like the chance to try these burgers?

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