The Old Rec Wild Boar Burger

Review of the Wild Boar Burger from The Old Rec, Worcester


The Old Rectifying House or Old Rec for short is one of my all-time favourite bar and restaurants and will always remain close to my heart. It is one of those places you always associate with a time period in your life so when I heard about the burgers they had on offer I had to return…

Sitting alongside the River Severn and with views of Worcester Cathedral (from upstairs) The Old Rec is a riverfront eatery, with welcoming staff, dinner jazz and heavy oak dining tables. I was joined on my latest burger adventure by my children. We escaped the heavy rain and were shown to a table next to a lovely warm radiator.

The lunch winter menu consists of some very delicious sounding sandwiches and platters but there was only ever going to be one option and on this occasion I went with the Wild Boar Burger. This is described as being served with Chorizo, Roasted Red Peppers, and their Homemade Jalapeno Mayo – how could I resist?

You could smell the beautiful aroma of the burgers being cooked from the open kitchen and it was not long before they arrived. The presentation was clean and tidy with the burger and handcut chips served on a wooden plank and a skewer keeping this wild beast of a burger together.

The Old Rec Wild Boar Burger

I took my first bite and noticed that the combination of flavours really worked well together. The Wild Boar had a really gamey flavour to it, a real distinct, intense variation of pork which succeeded as a burger. I was hit with a lovely amalgamation of textures and flavours, one of the main culprits being the chorizo. This was cut thick and had that recognisable smoky paprika taste but it was not too spicy.

The Old Rec Wild Boar Burger

The next thing I noticed was that jalapeno mayo – very good! Beautiful in fact – it really cut through the rest of the strong flavours at the end of my mouthful and cleansed the palate for the next bite of rich, gamey goodness. The homemade brioche bun was fresh and soft on the inside with a healthy looking glazed exterior.

The Old Rec Wild Boar Burger

The ‘Wild Boar… made my heart soar’ into burger heaven as I came to the end of this ‘game changer’ of a burger. The Mediterranean influences continued with the delightfully sweet roasted red peppers and just made me really appreciate the clever fusion of ingredients used.

At £12.50 (and with not many chips) some people might think this does not offer good value. For me this was a more than a satisfying meal with high quality meat used for the burger and a solid combination of toppings.

Special mention for that Homemade Jalapeno Mayo – indeed I am a changed man!

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