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What they say:

Bolero Bar & Kitchen is our exciting new venture which opened in September 2012 in Worcester. It is a daytime and evening premium venue, offering high quality casual dining and an unrivalled choice of drinks ranging from specially selected beers, wines and champagnes to cocktails and cognacs in a relaxed atmosphere.

Price: £9.95.

Calories: Unknown.

Pre-Valentines night and MrsVeggieGeek and myself had an evening to ourselves, as BurgerGeek Jr was at his Grandma’s, so we thought it would be good to hit town, have a cocktail and some nice food.

Bolero’s has been open for a few years in Worcester now and is renowned for serving amazing Cocktails, but not as famous for its food.

Looking at the menu, I didn’t realise that they had so much choice, so promptly booked a table… the burgers on offer certainly caught my eye.

Bolero Bar and Kitchen Bolero Burger
Burger menu @ Bolero…

I’m a sucker for Greek style food and love it when the Greek flavours overlap into the world of burgers (see my review of Burgerworks’ Real Greek).

The description seemed to combine some of my favourite ingredients into a single bun – spiced lamb, roasted red pepper, garlic and mint yogurt, salad, tomato relish and all served between two toasted pita breads.

I did have reservations however that the pita breads would be too dry, but took the risk and ordered anyhow.

Bolero Bar and Kitchen Bolero Burger
Bolero Burger…

The burger was a good size and thanks to the pita breads, could easily be picked up and eaten by hand.

The patty was perfectly cooked and was oozing with juices. The roasted red pepper had had its skin removed, and was succulent and full of pepper flavour.

My first bite and the immediate taste was the mint from the yoghurt, followed by the lamb flavours and ending with a combination of the red pepper and tomato relish.

Although the pita bread was dry (as it tends to be), thanks to the red pepper, the garlic and mint yoghurt and the fat from the patty, my mouth didn’t dry up.

It didn’t take long to finish this burger off and I actually was half-tempted to order another one.

Big thumbs up for this and different enough from Burgerworks’ Real Greek, for Worcester to be able to sustain two Greek style burgers.

Oh and on a finishing note, if you visit Bolero’s, and it is still on the menu, I cannot recommend the Bailey’s cheesecake enough.

It is a generous sized cheesecake, served with salted caramel, fudge, almond praline, peanut butter ice cream and a chocolate tuile.

When combined, this is like the ultimate in a deconstructed Snickers bar, but the flavours just take it to a whole new level.

I’ve eaten at my fair share of good restaurants (including a few Michelin-starred ones), but this is quite possible the nicest dessert I’ve had the pleasure to eat.

Burger Geek

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