KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

Review of KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

Website: http://www.kfc.co.uk/our-food/box-meals/hot-shots-box

What they say:

With three pieces of 100% breast chicken in a tongue-tingling fiery marinade, you’ll be sure to need that regular drink to recover as well as the fillet burger, regular fries and side. Are you up for the challenge, mortal?

Price: £5.49.

Calories: 1,080 kcal (website lists 1,035?).

This is not the first KFC review I have ever done. Back before the inception of BURGER LAD® I had a review posted by our friends over at Fast Food Forum and you can read that here.

You could call this KFC Review Part Deux and from now on you can call me Topper Harley…

Today I was in need of a ‘Kufka’ and what better way to spend a lunch hour than a table for two with Colonel Sanders. I stood chuckling at all the Hot Shots puns we could load into this latest well written, informative review.

At an eye wateringly HD-ready 1080 calories for the Hot Shots Burger Box Meal, it was crystal-clear from the outset that the new svelte form of Burger Lad® might struggle to assassinate this one during a brief lunch-time dash to KFC.

KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

I managed to decline the ‘large’ and ‘tower-up’ options and looked at the latest promotional garb about “new crispier, tastier fries” and the new dips “available with any dips meal”.

These are Sweet Chilli, 2HOT4U, Spicy Mayo, Classic Mayo, Tomato Ketchup and Kentucky BBQ – of course I was drawn to the hot one. I asked if I could get one of them and the girl behind the counter had the brass to charge me 10p for each one.

Did she not know who I was!? Anyway, in the end she ended up checking if my sauce was on the chicken-laden tray so I cheekily said “no” and managed to get another one…for free! Have that KFC!

KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

So this High Definition Burger Box Meal contained three of the new Hot Shots, fries, a side – in this case BBQ Beans and a regular drink. For £5.49 you do feel like you are getting a lot for your money, you are also getting a calorie laden tray of greed!

KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

We’ll look at each individual component but as we are a burger review website we’ll focus mainly on the fillet burger.

Hot Shots – these were nice enough, boneless but far from fiery! They did have a marginal heat to them but anyone expecting a food eating challenge standard of spice will come away disappointed. They were especially good dipped in the 2HOT4U sauce.

KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

Fries – for a regular portion there seemed to be quite a lot of them and they were definitely thinner than before and more like the McDonald’s style fries. I can’t say if they were tastier but they were not that crispy but fairly hot this time.

The BBQ beans and drink we’ll leave for today but they were as good as ever. What everyone wants to hear from Burger Lad® is about the burger. Well I opted for the Fillet burger instead of the Zinger – I was confused when presented with the option as I thought it would be some limited time offer ‘Hot Shots’ burger version – sadly not.

Having got over my mayo phobia I proudly ordered without asking for the mayo to be left off. People have commented I have changed…

I actually really enjoyed the mayo on the burger as there was a modest amount spread under the layer of fresh lettuce. The fillet burger was made of nice, firm whitest white breast fillet and had the “Original Recipe” style coating. Overall it was a standard chicken burger which complimented the rest of the box meal. Nothing special but not shabby either and judging by the disintegrating baps, it was not so much Zinger, more Minger.

KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

So I’d say to save a KFC Box Meal for those hangover occasions, for the money you get a lot of food! Don’t expect the “Hot Shots” to burn your mouth and be prepared to make a whole host of decisions when ordering which burger you want to go with this ‘1080p HD box set’.

My final thought from the experience was getting frustrated trying to recognise that 2HOT4U sauce. I was perplexed – it was definitely something similar to the Pot Noodle family, possibly the curry one. I guess we’ll never know…

We’ll leave you with one last look at that “Original Recipe” Fillet Burger. I really wish KFC had done a ‘Hot Shots’ version burger – with some spicy cheese or some other hot condiment just to give it that limited time offer feeling.

KFC Hot Shots Burger Box Meal

Burger Lad®