Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu Prices

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu Prices 2023

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Below are the very latest GBK prices for 2023 in the UK.

GBK Menu Prices

Price (£)

GBK Beef

Classic Beef5.65/7.15
Classic Cheese6.85/8.35
Major Tom10.95
GBK Cheese & Bacon9.95
The Taxidriver10.15
Avo Bacon9.95
The Mighty12.95
Hot Diggity9.75
Blue Cheese8.45

GBK Chicken

Classic Chicken6.95/8.85
Hey Pesto9.95
Chick Chick Boom9.45

GBK Speciality

Greek lamb10.45
The Ruby Murray9.95

GBK Salads

Chilli Chicken9.95

GBK Veggie & Vegan

Classic Veggie5.95/7.45
Californian (Vegan)9.25
Jack-in-a-bun (Vegan)8.95

GBK Fries & Sides

Chunky Skin-On Fries3.45
Skinny Fries3.45
Sweet Potato Fries4.25
Truffle Cheese Fries4.25
GBK Homeslaw3.00
Chargrilled Corn2.95
Homemade Onion Rings3.95

GBK While You Wait

Halloumi Bites3.95
Courgette Fritti4.45
Chilli Fried Chicken Bites4.65
Chargrilled Chicken Skewers4.65

GBK Swap & Top

Dill Pickle0.95
Homemade onion ring0.95
Crispy Bacon1.65
Grilled pineapple0.95
Smashed avocado1.65
Fried egg1.65
Buffalo or aged beef patty2.45
6oz beef patty3.25

GBK House Sauces

Garlic Mayo1.25
Blue Cheese Mayo1.25
Sriracha Mayo1.25
Chipotle Mayo1.25
Basil Mayo1.25

GBK Milkshakes

Madagascan Vanilla4.75
Double Belgian Chocolate4.75
Peanut Butter5.25
Mr Nice Chai5.25
Sea Salted Caramel4.75

GBK Fresh & Fizzy

Ginger & Lemongrass2.70
Strawberry & Elderflower2.70
Rhubarb & Vanilla2.70
Cloudy Lemonade2.70

GBK Soft Drinks

Diet Coke2.70
Coke Zero2.70
Spring Water2.10
100% Fresh Juice3.00

GBK Cocktail Coolers

Strawberry, Elderflower & gin5.95
Rhubarb, vanilla & vodka 5.95
Ginger, lemongrass & gin5.90
Elderflower & vodka5.95
Gin & Tonic5.95
Vodka & Ginger Ale5.95

GBK Beer & Cider

Hollows Ginger Beer5.65
Old Rascal Cider5.35
Daura Damn4.25
San Miguel4.10
The Wild beer co. Nebula4.95
Brewdog Punk IPA6.25
Taras boulba4.95

GBK Wine

Afrikan Ridge Chenin Blanc 4.55/5.55/15.05
Sentito Pinot Grigio4.95/5.95/16.95
Babydoll Sauvignon Blanc 5.95/6.95/19.95
Afrikan Ridge Merlot4.55/5.55/15.05
Tapas Tempranillo4.95/5.95/16.95
La Bonita Malbec5.95/6.95/20.95
Vinoir Syrah Rose5.95/6.95/19.95

GBK Hot Drinks

Flat White2.25
Hot Chocolate2.25
Selection of Teas1.95

GBK Ice Cream

Yeo Valley ice cream1.95

Gourmet Burger Kitchen Menu Prices

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GBK launched in the UK back in 2001 when three Kiwi guys (including chef Peter Gordon) set up the first Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Battersea, South London.

There are now nearly 90 locations across the UK from Edinburgh to Brighton.

Long-term readers of BURGER LAD® will remember when we judged at one of the regional heats in GBK’s Chef of the Year Competition which was held at the (then) soon-to-be opened Worcester restaurant.

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