McDonald’s Saver Menu

McDonald’s Saver Menu

If you are looking for McDonald’s Saver Menu prices you have come to the right place!

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In this post, we’re taking a look at products on the Saver Menu and providing you with the very latest prices.

The McDonald’s Saver Menu in the UK consists of a number of great value items ranging from 99p to £1.49.

McDonald's Saver Menu

Price (£)Calories (kcal)
Bacon Double Cheeseburger2.49495
Double Cheeseburger1.99445
Triple Cheeseburger2.69588
Mayo Chicken0.99319
Bacon Mayo Chicken1.59370
McDonald's Fries (Medium)1.49337
Side Salad1.0977
Oreo McFlurry1.29310


It doesn’t get more basic than this. A standard seasoned McDonald’s beef patty with onions, pickles, mustard and ketchup. This was my first ever Hamburger from McD’s today… and my last!

McDonald's Saver Menu UK


Quite possibly every person’s introduction to the McDonald’s menu is the classic cheeseburger. Like your Hamburger above but with an added slice of cheese. Miss Milkshake calls it the true taste of McDonald’s.

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

Double Cheeseburger

How do you improve on the classic Cheeseburger? Double it obviously! I would bet the Double Cheese is the burger I have eaten the most at McDonald’s in my lifetime. Sometimes (for me) you can’t beat three plain doubles…

There used to be a Triple Cheeseburger called the Hat Trick (last seen in the UK in 1994).

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

BBQ Chicken BLC

We reviewed the BBQ Chicken BLC back in June 2016 – click here for that review. The BBQ Chicken BLC joined McDonald’s Saver Menu when we said goodbye to the Chicken BLC and Sweet Chilli Mayo Chicken.

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

Mayo Chicken

Never been a mayo fan. Never will. The Mayo Chicken is arguably one of the simplest items on the McDonald’s Saver menu – thick, crispy coated chicken is joined by lettuce and mayo. I actually preferred this to the spicy mayo (see below).

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

Spicy Chicken Snack Wrap

I was hoping for the peri peri sauce from the Big Flavour Wraps Hot Peri Peri One. This has got spicy mayo. One Chicken Legend, lettuce and cheese are all wrapped up in a warm tortilla wrap.

I really did not enjoy this so will be sticking to my favourite on a Monday or Friday at £1.99.

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

McDonald’s Fries

World Famous Fries. I have NEVER received a poor-sized portion of fries from McDonald’s. Whether it’s the odd fry left in the brown paper bag or poured into the clamshell of a Big Mac container, who hasn’t tried McDonald’s Fries?

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

Shaker Side Salad

Another first for me – the Shaker Side Salad. What’s in it? Seasonal salad leaves, cucumber and cherry tomatoes actually. Interesting fact: The Shaker Side Salad has a shelf-life of 8 hours (ours had been made at 6am and had a “discard by” time of 2pm).

I thought it came with a balsamic dressing but this has a very respectable Fajita-Style Dressing which is definitely worth a try!

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

Oreo McFlurry

I love Oreos. Making a McFlurry with crumbled-up Oreo cookies makes sense to me. Who could resist indeed?

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry

Those with a sweet tooth and fond of the Nation’s favourite will enjoy this McFlurry which contains pieces of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Definitely the most basic of McFlurries but still a classic.

Picture coming soon…

Cadbury Crunchie McFlurry

Absolutely loved a Crunchie when I was a kid and on the McDonald’s Saver Menu you can grab a Cadbury Crunchie McFlurry for just 99p!

Picture coming soon…

Toffee Sundae

This is an ice cream made using milk from UK dairies and swirled in sweet toffee sauce.

McDonald's Saver Menu UK

Strawberry Sundae

As above but with strawberry.

Picture coming soon….

FUN FACT: If you order one of each item off the McDonald’s Saver Menu it will cost you a total of £14.47.

Likes: Double Cheeseburger, BBQ Chicken BLC, Fajita-Style Dressing.
Dislikes: Hamburger, Spicy Chicken Snack Wrap.

What is your favourite item off the Saver Menu? Would you like to see something like the Jalapeño Double added?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or via the usual BURGER LAD® channels.

McDonald's Saver Menu

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    I really wanted to like the double bacon burger but the burger was flat and the bacon was fatty and I really wanted to hurl.

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