McDonald’s Italian McChicken

McDonald’s Italian McChicken – Menu Hack

Price: £4.28 (£2.69 + £1.59).

Calories: 658 kcal (max).

It’s been a while since we did a menu hack at McDonald’s, so tonight we decided to create something I’ve been pondering a while now – the Italian McChicken.

A note on the price first. This is obviously subject to change but we made this build for considerably less than the cost above… and with an additional side!

Where we are based at BLHQ, the bus tickets 90% of the time have a Big Mac, Filet-o-fish or McChicken Sandwich for £1.99 with medium fries (redeemable at restuarants without a drive-thru only). So using this voucher it cost £3.58 and we got the extra fries – not bad.

McDonald's Italian McChicken
Ingredients at the ready…

Moving on…

For the Italian McChicken you will need the following ingredients:

1 x McChicken Sandwich (order without lettuce and mayo) – 388 kcal normally.
1 x portion of Mozzarella Dippers (make sure the salsa dip is included) – 270 kcal.
1 x McFlurry spoon (I asked if they had a spoon and got given this which was perfect).


Firstly, remove the crown of the bun and carefully place to one side (on a napkin preferably). You’ll need all three of those beautful sticks of Mozzarella cheese coated in breadcrumb dippers placed across the McChicken patty.

McDonald's Italian McChicken
Ready for that sauce…

Here’s where the spoon comes in – with precision, add the tomato-salsa dip across the dippers making sure the sauce falls between the crevices created by the adjoining mozarella mounds and slightly touches the chicken below.

If inclined, save some of the sauce for after putting the crown of the bun back on to add some finishing touches for presentation purposes.

Add small amounts of sauce around the edges facing the side of the burger – you’ll be taking photos of this edge of the burger for those promotional images.

McDonald's Italian McChicken
McDonald’s Italian McChicken…



The Italian McChicken is actually a very tasty McDonald’s menu hack. It sort of made me think of a fast food Chicken parmigiana.

You bite into the Italian and get the creamy, softness of the mozarella dippers at first and their melty cheese interior is very pleasant with a subtle taste. The contrast to this is given by the crispy exterior of the McChicken patty which is the perfect counter to the cheese.

Bringing this all together in one uniform flavour is the Italian tomato-based sauce (or Salsa as McDonald’s labels it). It feels more like a marinara sauce than a salsa but all three ingredients combined really does work and is definitely recommended.

If like us, you can do it for £3.58 including fries it offers exceptional value if you don’t mind looking like the ultimate fusspot ordering a McChicken Sandwich without lettuce and mayo!

But trust us, the combination of chicken and cheese with that Italian-style tomato sauce really works and makes the Italian McChicken an exceptional McDonald’s menu hack.

Try it while you can!

McDonald's Italian McChicken
A decent McDonald’s menu hack…

For more menu information check out the McDonald’s website.

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