McDonald’s Belgium Generous Jack

McDonald’s Belgium Generous Jack Maestro Burger

The McDonald’s gourmet revolution continues.

McDonald’s Belgium has recently launched a new burger called the Generous Jack.

In terms of obscure names it is certainly up there with the Eggcellent Silly Double Beef from Hong Kong.

McDonald's Generous Jack
The Generous Jack…

The burger is part of the “Maestro Burgers by McDonald’s” range which is the European gourmet branding similar to the UK’s Signature Collection.

France however offers the “Signature by McDonald’s” range.

Maestro burgers started popping up in Sweden first, alongside waiters and table service.

The “Maestro” burger has also appeared in the following countries; The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland (under their “Signature Line”) and Finland as enjoyed by Bryan Roberts below:

Priced at over €5, the Generous Jack is made-up of two beef patties, long crispy slices of bacon, traditionally matured Maredsous cheese, Batavia lettuce, red onion, fresh tomato and an interesting sounding lemon-mayonnaise sauce. All on a flax and sesame seeded golden brioche bun.

Maredsous cheese is a Belgian cheese made from cow’s milk which is semi-hard and characterised by an orange coloured rind. It is named after the location where it was first produced – Maredsous Abbey, near Namur in Belgium.

The first of the new range of Maestro Burgers at McDonald’s Belgium, the Generous Jack has been on-sale since the 4th or 5th December and a few sightings have been reported.

Nutritionally its in the region of The Grand, clocking in at 721 kcal. Running alongside the burger are the Generous Fries – a skin-on, more upmarket version of fries which I hope we see in the UK in 2016.

So McDonald’s continue to roll out more premium burgers across Europe under the Maestro brand. This joins other branding such as “Signature” and “McExtreme” – which is often found in Spain.

Would you try the Generous Jack? Perhaps you are travelling to Belgium in the next few days and could sample it?

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