McDonald’s Germany Caesar’s Beef Burger

BURGERWATCH: McDonald’s Germany Caesar’s Beef Burger


What they say:

If the desire for a burger is greater than for a Caesar Salad, then this burger with a delicious wheat bun with sesame and Mohnbestreuung, juicy beef, crisp arugula, red onions, roasted onions, fruity tomato slices, cheese preparation with Emmentaler and the famous sauce in delicate Caesar style, a delicious alternative.

Price: Unknown.

Calories: 740 kcal.

Availability: 28NOV13 – 04DEC13.

Where: Hamburg, Germany.

Hello and welcome to what we hope will become a regular feature from your favourite burger reviewer. Burger Lad® was contacted recently with a look at the limited time offer Caesar’s Beef from McDonald’s Germany.

We want you the burger reading public to snap shots of limited time offers around the world and send us the pictures to us (contact details here) – we’ll feature as many as possible. All we ask is that you take a minimum of three pictures and please, if possible make them varied and in landscape.

Burger Lad® is no stranger to McDonald’s Germany as on our infamous ‘Burgers in Berlin’ tour we took in the sights and delights of the El Chili Con Carne and the McRib, Western Beef and 1955 burger. You can imagine my reaction when I received pictures of the oddly named Caesar’s Beef >insert inappropriate innuendos here< so thank you again!

The promotional picture from the website makes this a tempting looking High Street Burger (HSB).

McDonald’s Germany Caesar’s Beef Burger
Copyright McDonald’s Germany 2013…

As you can see from the actual pictures this is pretty far-off from the picture above. This burger is the first of the “Schmecktakel” promotion which promises the chance of instant win or others prizes with each purchase of a meal.

McDonald’s Germany Caesar’s Beef Burger
The real Caesar’s Beef…

The other burgers listed as part of this promotion are the Farmhouse Beef (05DEC13-11DEC13), Cheese ‘n Beef (12DEC13-18DEC13), Western Beef (19DEC13-25DEC13) and the Steakhouse Beef Classic (26DEC13-06JAN14).

McDonald’s Germany Caesar’s Beef Burger
Lifting the lid on the latest HSB…

The patties look a fairly decent size but look dry and the salad and condiments look like they’ve been thrown on rather haphazardly.

If I hear anything else about the Caesar’s Beef I’ll be sure to update this but in the meantime let us take one last look under the lid of the latest limited time offer in Germany.

McDonald’s Germany Caesar’s Beef Burger
Would you have Caesar’s Beef…!?

Thank you for reading BURGERWATCH – remember if you’d like to submit pictures of the latest High Street Burgers please get in touch!

Massive thanks to Scott for sending us these pictures.

Burger Lad®